Woman Beaten, Maimed, and Carved with a “B” for Supporting McCain—UPDATE

The McCain volunteer Ashley Todd, 20, of College Station, Texas, was robbed at an ATM then had the letter “B” carved on her face by her Obama-supporting robber.

McCain has called Ashley’s family. Ashley said the mugger was screaming about McCain when he beat her.

For a picture of Ashley’s face, visit here.


As most everyone knows now, Ashley Todd was in fact faking her attack. After failing a polygraph test, she came out and admitted the whole thing was made up.

What is my response? Of course I’m upset with her. I don’t think any McCain supporter isn’t. This kind of distraction is exactly what we don’t need with less than 2 weeks left until voting day. Why she did it, I have no idea. But if she truly wanted to help the McCain/Palin campaign, she would have continued to make phone calls and encourage others to vote.

Also, to those of you who took the time to remind me to update this post, thank you for your reminders. I had not forgotten or neglected to do it but was actually traveling when the news broke and did not have an internet connection to update this story. I have been traveling for over 20 hours now and only have 5 hours sleep within the past 72 hours. So my lack of immediate update was not purposeful, but due to lack of ability to update. Thank you again.