On The Issues

I am a conservative Republican.

I do not believe in the murdering of unborn children. Abortion is not a political issue but a moral one. Determining when life begins sets the pretense for one’s stance on abortion. Since medical science shows that brain activity begins as little as 18 days after conception, I am a firm believer that life for a child begins at conception. Therefore, to end that life would be murder.

I do not believe in redefining marriage to anything other than one man and one woman. Marriage is rooted in religion, dating back to the Garden of Eden, and since it is a religious institution, we should follow God’s laws on marriage. This doesn’t mean I want to intrude on your personal life and govern what you do in your bedroom. This simply means that you can live how you want, just don’t ask to redefine marriage.

I do not believe in giving illegal aliens citizenship. Illegal immigration has been a major problem for our country. It has drained the economy from people who do not pay taxes yet are given employment and benefits. Something needs to be done about it. First, employers who hire these illegal aliens need to be punished. Strict laws need to be passed and enforced on businesses. Also, a tracking system needs to be implemented on the illegal aliens already here. Then a fence needs to be built around our southern border. The flow of illegals coming in needs to be stemmed somehow. Yes, allow immigrants to enter but have a process of requirements for allowance into our country.

I do believe in protecting our nation when we are attacked. When other countries or terrorist groups threaten our nation or invade our land, we must defend ourselves. If that means going to war, then so be it. People will die. Lives will be lost. It’s sad but necessary for the preservation of freedom. Negotiations never brought about peace.

I believe in limited government. The smaller the government the more effective it is. Our economy can’t be run by Washington. Only the reduction of government, and the increased freedom for businesses will give our economy the boost it needs to become productive. I like what California State Assemblyman Steve Knight once said, “Businesses fuel the engine of America’s economy. As businesses grow, America grows.”

These are my beliefs. They may not be popular, but that’s where I stand. I know what I believe and can defend my beliefs on any issue. Our nation is made up of apathetic voters who cast a ballot based on media bias, single issues, or prejudices. Our nation is typified by what the Greek philosopher Plato once said, “The penalty that good men pay for not being interested in politics is to be governed by men worse than themselves.”

So I vote. And petition. And actively take part in our nation’s politics. I am working to make a difference in my nation. How are you making this country better?

8 Responses

  1. Right on Lauren. I agree with you on everything. Here is my stand statement:

    I am a Christian. I affirm that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. I am Protestant. I affirm the five “solas” of the Reformation. I am evangelical in that I believe the gospel and I believe it is the most beautiful work of our Saviour Jesus Christ who saved us from our sins. I am Conservative in that I am traditional in many of my beliefs and I am unfinished…in that I realize the Lord is continually covicting me through His Spirt and by the Word. I am a registered Republican and I believe I am a citizen of the greatest country in the history of the world. I am patriotic. I strive to stand for what is right and for what our country was founded upon. God Bless America!

  2. Wonderful stand statement, Lauren.

  3. Well said! As a fellow conservaitve, Reagan fan and Baptist I am adding you to my blogroll! Nice to see there are others out there who share my values!

  4. God bless you. Many more people have to watch this
    video. I really do believe God prepared Sarah and like Esther she was chosen for a time like this for a nation that needs it so badly.

    The real Obama and how he play his politics. This is eye opening.

  5. Well, looks like I’m in good company here. Still a work in progress, I’d like to invite you to visit http://patrioticfaith.com Perhaps you will see the country in a new light. And I’m always looking for more material for it if you have any suggestions.

  6. thank you for standing up for you values, and mine.

    i saw this documentary on the doc channel and highly recommend it to all parents and students. it explains a lot of things that are not common knowledge to mainstream Americans. by our silence, we are helping perpetuate our downfall.

    Indoctrinate U (Part 1of10)

    watch all ten clips, it is worth your time, IMO

  7. I agree with what you’re saying here, particularly the part about the military. I am a Midshipman at the US Naval Academy, and serving my country by protecting it from those who seek to harm us is why I’m in the military.

    I agree with your stance on marriage, completely. However, I would caution you that “it simply means I am not in favor of redefining the Constitutional definition of marriage” is not an accurate statement, merely because the Constitution does not yet explicitly have a stance on marriage.

    Excellent blog though, I like what you have to say, particularly the 11 tragedies page. Very entertaining. Thanks.

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