Think California is a Lost Cause for Republicans? Think Again.

If you’ve lived in California for long, you probably recognize the last name Harmer.  John Harmer was a long-time state senator and was also Ronald Reagan’s last Lieutenant Governor before he moved on to Washington. But someone you might not know is his son David Harmer.

Harmer is a lawyer/businessman who graduated with honors from Brigham Young University law school and served as counsel on a subcommittee of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee put together by Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. After moving to California, he joined the prominent law firm of O’Melveny & Myers, met his wife, and went on to work as legal counsel for many financial companies and state-wide organizations.

Earlier this year Democrat Ellen Tauscher vacated her Congressional seat to accept President Obama’s appointment in the state department. The seat will be filled by a special election on November 3rd. Running for her seat in the heavy-Democrat area are David Harmer, a Republican, and John Garamandi, Democratic Lieutenant Governor of California.

Think about the specifics about this race: a no-name family man is trying to beat out the Lieutenant Governor to represent one of California’s most liberal areas. Done deal; no chance this guy gets in. Or is it such a textbook race?

Just last night, the Wall Street Journal reported that this race could turn out to be an upset for Democrats for several reasons:

  1. Overall support for liberals has dwindle since the President assumed office.
  2. The California legislature (majority – Democrats) has recently received a 13% approval rating.
  3. Lt. Gov Garamandi has been all but secret about his tax-and-spend policies through the years.
  4. A special election could keep many Democrats home due to disapproval of a too-liberal candidate.

The election isn’t won yet for Harmer (not by a far shot). He is still trailing by a 41%–34% margin with only two weeks before votes are cast. Yet it seems as if the stars are aligning, the heavens are opening, and all his hard work is keeping him in this race.

The fact he is so close should encourage all conservatives to keep an eye on David Harmer, keep an eye on this race, and keep on eye on California.

If you live in the area, please get involved—make calls, contribute, walk precincts, or spread the word to everyone you know. We need that Republican seat, and we have a very good chance of picking it up.

Madame Secretary, Uncut and Unrated

More surprising than her snappy, angered reaction is her posture. My word woman, suck in that gut and sit up straight! You’re representing America.


Worried about the 47 million uninsured people the President keeps talking about? Here’s a little food for thought about those people:

Now give me a good reason to overhaul our healthcare system and establish a socialized medicine program.

Person-to-Person Politics

Mother Theresa once said, “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”

I think our elected officials would do well to remember this. They work for us; they represent us; they must answer to us. They should be concerned with one-on-one, person-to-person statesmanship rather than the hierarchy of politics that is al too common. Too often constituents are ignored, turned away, or given a vague answer to genuine inquiries.

What happened to Congress? Congress was originally constructed of representatives from each colony, people whose job was to deliver the message of the wishes of the people they represented—to do what was best for the colony and for the nation. They didn’t benefit from being representatives. Often, they had to leave their families, their homes, and travel across treacherous land to represent their neighbors, friends, family. It was a duty and an honor. Where has that spirit gone?

We need more person-to-person statesmen rather than full-time politicians.

New Ballot Measures Against Traditional Marriage

Two new ballot initiatives have been cleared for signature gathering by the Attorney General. One would eliminate all marriages in California, re-defining them as Domestic Partnerships. The other measure would legalize homosexual marriage and attempt to trick voters into believing that our public schools will not address alternative marriage, or that religious liberties won’t be weakened by the existence of gay marriage.

The “Domestic Partnership” initiative was authored by two college students, with no apparent support then or now. Despite the many news articles written about this new measure, it is highly unlikely that it will ever make the ballot. The homosexual lobby has spoken out against the proposal, and obviously the majority of Californians will not react well to eliminating the institution of marriage in our state. We expect this measure to quickly fade away.

The second initiative is of more concern because its language attempts to confuse voters into thinking there are no natural consequences of same-sex marriage. The measure says that it will not change California’s curriculum regarding teaching of same-sex marriage. However, that is a false promise because the statutes are already in place to teach children about gay marriage if it is legalized, just as it is taught to young children in Massachusetts. You’ll recall that during the period when homosexual marriage was legalized in California, a public school in San Francisco took a class of first graders to a lesbian wedding, calling it a “teachable moment.” The initiative also gratuitously says that it will not force ministers to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies if it conflicts with their faith.  There is no doubt that lawsuits would be filed in short order against clergy, but the more immediate issue is how legalized homosexual marriage will negatively affect religious liberties and freedom outside the pulpit. We will monitor this initiative but at present there does not appear to be significant support building for it.

—Update from Ron Prentice, Chairman of the Yes on 8 campaign,

In Harm’s Way…Still

The following is an actual email from a soldier stationed in the Middle East. It was sent a few days ago to a friend’s family member. Even with talks of bailouts, increasing taxes, and other economical issues; never forget that our men and women of the armed forces are still in harm’s way overseas. They are and forever will be the true heroes of America.

“Ok everybody here it is. Yesterday while on a mission in the southern part of the Helmond Province. We were in heavy contact with the Taliban in that area. It first started with Rocket Propeled Grenages launched in our area. then a very heavy volley of small arms fire was initiated by the Taliban. we were ducking behind an armoured truck for cover when i heard a loud “crack”. everybody reacted to the sound when i then felt a severe burning sensation to my left calf muscle. I looked down and saw that i was bleeding. somebody hollared, DOC YOUVE BEEN SHOT!!!!!. thats when i realized i had taken an ak47 round to my leg. the bullet entered the front part of my leg and exited the back. the hole is small going in but the hole going out is about the size of a
quarter.. it burned like nothing i ever felt before. i was real pissed at that point but we were being fired at quite a bit. i cant say we were being over run cause you never really see these guys they hide in there mud huts we call “murder huts”. which consist of solid mud, concrete essentially not even a .50 cal can penetrate it. we had to leave that area the other medics were getting their butts handed to them too. my pa got some glass in his eyes when then windshield of his truck were shot out. anyway the round actually stopped at our truck and we found it after they got the bandage on my leg. perfectly intact. the bullet missed my tibia by an inch. i was glad for that. i am a little sore. i did not want any morphine cause i was worried i would be knocked out if i had to shoot back again. my team leader is this great big black dude that took care of my wound and stopped the bleeding, it did not bleed that much really. then i was medevaced to a british army hospital. i told the flight medics i did not want to see a doctor that what could do would be good enough. they were shocked i was walking on it. anyway. i dont know what else to say. i am ok. they are making me go back to Kabul to recover. i am not realy happy about that we dont have enough medics as it is. love ted”

New Prize Post!

Okay the category for this one is History. The prize is a $15 iTunes giftcard. Here’s the question:

After his presidency, this West Point graduate was imprisoned for 2 years.

Remember, keep it honest. No googling, looking up in an encyclopedia, or asking anyone.

Good luck to you all!