Think California is a Lost Cause for Republicans? Think Again.

If you’ve lived in California for long, you probably recognize the last name Harmer.  John Harmer was a long-time state senator and was also Ronald Reagan’s last Lieutenant Governor before he moved on to Washington. But someone you might not know is his son David Harmer.

Harmer is a lawyer/businessman who graduated with honors from Brigham Young University law school and served as counsel on a subcommittee of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee put together by Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. After moving to California, he joined the prominent law firm of O’Melveny & Myers, met his wife, and went on to work as legal counsel for many financial companies and state-wide organizations.

Earlier this year Democrat Ellen Tauscher vacated her Congressional seat to accept President Obama’s appointment in the state department. The seat will be filled by a special election on November 3rd. Running for her seat in the heavy-Democrat area are David Harmer, a Republican, and John Garamandi, Democratic Lieutenant Governor of California.

Think about the specifics about this race: a no-name family man is trying to beat out the Lieutenant Governor to represent one of California’s most liberal areas. Done deal; no chance this guy gets in. Or is it such a textbook race?

Just last night, the Wall Street Journal reported that this race could turn out to be an upset for Democrats for several reasons:

  1. Overall support for liberals has dwindle since the President assumed office.
  2. The California legislature (majority – Democrats) has recently received a 13% approval rating.
  3. Lt. Gov Garamandi has been all but secret about his tax-and-spend policies through the years.
  4. A special election could keep many Democrats home due to disapproval of a too-liberal candidate.

The election isn’t won yet for Harmer (not by a far shot). He is still trailing by a 41%–34% margin with only two weeks before votes are cast. Yet it seems as if the stars are aligning, the heavens are opening, and all his hard work is keeping him in this race.

The fact he is so close should encourage all conservatives to keep an eye on David Harmer, keep an eye on this race, and keep on eye on California.

If you live in the area, please get involved—make calls, contribute, walk precincts, or spread the word to everyone you know. We need that Republican seat, and we have a very good chance of picking it up.


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