Senate Doctors Show

Interested in the debate over healthcare? Tired of listening to staged townhalls or screaming protestors? Two Senate doctors, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), have set up their very own Senate Doctors Show. With several years of experience in the medical field, Sens. Coburn and Barrasso are bypassing the confusing media process and have set up their own “townhall” of sorts to interact with citizens and answer questions about health care reform. They take questions via email, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and use their experience to plainly answer the inquiries of citizens.

Take a look at some of their past shows and even submit a question if you’d like:

Madame Secretary, Uncut and Unrated

More surprising than her snappy, angered reaction is her posture. My word woman, suck in that gut and sit up straight! You’re representing America.


Worried about the 47 million uninsured people the President keeps talking about? Here’s a little food for thought about those people:

Now give me a good reason to overhaul our healthcare system and establish a socialized medicine program.

Person-to-Person Politics

Mother Theresa once said, “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”

I think our elected officials would do well to remember this. They work for us; they represent us; they must answer to us. They should be concerned with one-on-one, person-to-person statesmanship rather than the hierarchy of politics that is al too common. Too often constituents are ignored, turned away, or given a vague answer to genuine inquiries.

What happened to Congress? Congress was originally constructed of representatives from each colony, people whose job was to deliver the message of the wishes of the people they represented—to do what was best for the colony and for the nation. They didn’t benefit from being representatives. Often, they had to leave their families, their homes, and travel across treacherous land to represent their neighbors, friends, family. It was a duty and an honor. Where has that spirit gone?

We need more person-to-person statesmen rather than full-time politicians.