Who Are The Intolerant Ones?

The Day of Silence was a day that children were encouraged to remain silent the entire day at school in honor of their LGBT classmates. Rather than encouraging this, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute’s Karen England encouraged parents to keep their children home from school rather than allow a day to be wasted in non-teaching. As a result, Mrs. England was threatened and extra security had to be placed at Capitol Resource Institute. The following is a video of some of the emails, voicemails, and communication she received as a result of her suggestion.

And I ask you, who are the ones who are intolerant here?


One Response

  1. It really is true. Now I am not saying there are not people out there who are mean to gays, but most of the people who are against their lifestyle are nice to them. But many gays are so very hostile to people who dont agree with their life style. One example, my husband and dad went out to eat to do some discipleship. They were sitting down waiting for your seats, when a gay man started staring at the paper my dad had in his hands. It was talking about the problem drunkenness on the paper. The gay man looked over at the paper and then at my husband and said “figures!” Under his breath. I get tired of hearing that we are the hateful intolerant ones, when many many gays are so hateful towards us because we disagree with them. i think it is about time they stop being intolerant to us.

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