New Ballot Measures Against Traditional Marriage

Two new ballot initiatives have been cleared for signature gathering by the Attorney General. One would eliminate all marriages in California, re-defining them as Domestic Partnerships. The other measure would legalize homosexual marriage and attempt to trick voters into believing that our public schools will not address alternative marriage, or that religious liberties won’t be weakened by the existence of gay marriage.

The “Domestic Partnership” initiative was authored by two college students, with no apparent support then or now. Despite the many news articles written about this new measure, it is highly unlikely that it will ever make the ballot. The homosexual lobby has spoken out against the proposal, and obviously the majority of Californians will not react well to eliminating the institution of marriage in our state. We expect this measure to quickly fade away.

The second initiative is of more concern because its language attempts to confuse voters into thinking there are no natural consequences of same-sex marriage. The measure says that it will not change California’s curriculum regarding teaching of same-sex marriage. However, that is a false promise because the statutes are already in place to teach children about gay marriage if it is legalized, just as it is taught to young children in Massachusetts. You’ll recall that during the period when homosexual marriage was legalized in California, a public school in San Francisco took a class of first graders to a lesbian wedding, calling it a “teachable moment.” The initiative also gratuitously says that it will not force ministers to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies if it conflicts with their faith.  There is no doubt that lawsuits would be filed in short order against clergy, but the more immediate issue is how legalized homosexual marriage will negatively affect religious liberties and freedom outside the pulpit. We will monitor this initiative but at present there does not appear to be significant support building for it.

—Update from Ron Prentice, Chairman of the Yes on 8 campaign,


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