For The Generation to Come

I have often been asked, “Why do you care about politics? Why waste your life working in a corrupt system?” So here’s my answer:

“We don’t inherit the world from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”—Ghandiji

I inherited a successful nation from my parents and grandparents. The economy was climbing, technology was advancing, our forces were keeping peace, and America was the land of the free and home of the brave. Problems were few; possibilities endless. But in the short 22 years I have been alive, things have changed.

I’m not one to point out everything wrong with our nation; I’m an optimist. But to ignore the changes taking place in our nation is to accept blind ignorance. Things are changing and it is time for a new group of leaders to rise and take responsiblity in our nation.

I may be young, but I can still make a difference. I may be only one, but I am one. I will do all I can, work as hard as I can, and fight as long as I can so that my children will be able to grow up in a nation of freedom, prosperity, and opportunity. I will not give in to the belief that America is failing. I will not accept this downtime in our nation as permanent.

Call me a blind optimist or an unrealistic dreamer, but I’m not giving up on America. Not yet; not ever.


One Response

  1. I’ll fight with you, to the very end. People say that fighting is wrong, that I’m too political, but, like you, I love America. I ask, if not me, then who? As Isaiah said in the Old Testament, “Here I am Lord, send me!”

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