GOP Presidential Nominee for 2016

Who would you choose for the Republican Presidential nominee for 2016? If you choose “other”, please explain who and why in a comment.

*Note: The date is 2016, not 2012 (the next election year), due to the fact I believe the GOP will have a better chance of winning in 2016.


5 Responses

  1. Sarah Palin? SRSLY? hahaha…. MItt Romney or Mike Huckabee FTW!

  2. None of these are “up and coming” GOP types like 2016 will need. Huckabee has already flashed in his pan, Romney would be too old (despite his smarts), Palin isn’t a viable option, Jindal might be the best option you’ve listed, but what about Matt Blunt of Missouri. We need to be looking beyond conventional wisdom to the Aaron Schock’s of the Presidential race. Who is on deck?

  3. We can’t win without California – You win 3 out of 4 and you’re in – New York, Florida, Texas, California.

    Look to Kevin McCarthy to factor heavily in 2012 or 2012.

    Others: Cantor / Jindal / Ryan

    What we really need is a better presence in New York as well.

    You win 3 out of 4 and you’re in – New York, Florida, Texas and California.

  4. Huckabee… Really?! Would that Populist ever stand a chance in the general? Skip Suckabee. I’ll take Jindal or Palin. Our country has very little history in electing members of Congress to the Whitehouse, so as much as I love Cantor and McCarthy, not holding the old breath.

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