New Prize Post!

Okay the category for this one is History. The prize is a $15 iTunes giftcard. Here’s the question:

After his presidency, this West Point graduate was imprisoned for 2 years.

Remember, keep it honest. No googling, looking up in an encyclopedia, or asking anyone.

Good luck to you all!


7 Responses

  1. Captain Youseff Yee

  2. No…but he should have been imprisoned!

  3. I would have to guess Ulysse’s S. Grant

  4. Wow…good guess, but nope.

  5. Too hard without googling… hint? time frame?

  6. Jeffferson Davis! (All those KY state history courses finally paid off!)

  7. It’s Vintage Duh,

    You got it! Congrats! I’ll DM you the iTunes giftcard number so you can use it.

    Thanks all for playing!

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