America: For Better or Worse?

For any of you that still think America is evolving and not devolving:

Dr. William J. Bennett, former U.S. Secretary of Education and also “drug czar,” issued an important report entitled “The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators.” He described the mess we have created for ourselves and how we can get out of it. These are a few of the statistics presented, comparing our welfare today with 1963:

– Violent crime has increased over 500 percent.
– Illegitimate births have increased 400 percent.
– Divorces have increased 400 percent.
– Children living in single-parent homes have increased 300 percent.
– Child abuse has increased 340 percent since 1976.
– Teenage suicide has increased 200 percent.
-S.A.T. scores have dropped almost 80 points, despite huge increases in support for education.

Sad thing is, we paint a peaceful, satisfactory picture of ourselves and our country rather than fixing the problems. It’s time for change (and not the change the left is offering). Time for true change. Change that challenges the very foundations of our society and seeks to right a sinking ship.


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