Cleaning up the GOP

What is a Republican? Can you identify the core beliefs of the Republican Party? Most people can’t. Sadly, we as a party have failed the younger generation by setting a poor example of conservatism for them. We need to clean up the GOP.

Things have to change. No more of this “reach-across-the-aisle,” “appeal to everyone” way of politics. Our forefathers founded this nation on certain, unmovable principles. They weren’t going to allow even the largest empire of the day take away those rights. Oh how far we have come! Now, as has been evidenced by polls, young people can’t even distinguish between Republican and Democratic beliefs. Who’s for stronger government? Who’s against tax increases? Who is for building a strong national defense?

You know who’s to blame? We are. We older (okay, I know I’m only 21, but I still include myself in the older category) citizens who have supported, voted for, and upheld politicians who are “fiscally conservative” but morally liberal are to blame. How can that be? You’re either a conservative or liberal. There should be no middle ground, no grey area. Yet, we’ve created it, and in turn, we’ve all but ruined our party’s name and our chances of affecting true change in our nation.

Part of it is that we’re afraid real conservative candidates won’t get elected. The Republican primaries this year prove my point. Both Huckabee and Romney were more conservative than McCain, but as I heard from some people, “Huck and Mitt don’t have a chance to beat Obama. And that should be our main goal.” What? We have to vote against a candidate rather than for a candidate?

It’s time we stop putting wish-washy candidates out there because we know they’ll get elected (or at least have a better chance), and we present and support true conservative candidates.

*This discussion was an email I sent to an acquaintance in DC who I am working with on cleaning up the GOP. Our first order of business is to define the core Republican beliefs and concrete them in a list. Step two is already in the planning stage and will come after that.

If you would like to contribute to this list of core beliefs, leave a comment with your suggestion and why you think it should be on the list. Remember, we don’t want middle-ground politicians, so our list of beliefs has to be purely conservative.


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