We are to Blame for Politicians like Blagojevich

Corrupt leadership in America has gotten out of hand. And the blame lies in the American people. We have shifted from electing respectable politicians who would represent us and stand for what we as citizens believed in, to electing whoever promised us the most money or said they were going to make life easier for us. It’s gotten pathetic. And it makes me sick.

I’m sick and tired of hearing people trash politicians as a whole. Not every politician is crooked. Granted, most are. But I am dedicating my life to being a politician, or rather a representative of the people. I am going to give my life to introducing a new form of politics to our nation (really, an old form of politics-the politics and government on which this nation was founded). But sadly, there is credence in bashing of politicians. Most are merely self-serving, not seeking the best of the nation.

This subject is very near and dear to my heart. Especially since I spent a considerable amount of time today talking with a cousin of mine, encouraging him to not give up hope in America and in her political system. He’s really frustrated that politicians have become so loose-minded and no longer stand on true platforms with real convictions. He is sick of the wish-washy, reach across the aisle politics of today.

What happened to Democrats being liberal and Republicans being truly conservative? I hate the phrase “reach across the aisle” or “reach across party lines.” All it means is you don’t have the guts to stand for what you believe. You’re trying to appease people, rather than doing the job we elected you to do! You care more about what Senator Joe Blow and what the other party thinks rather than what the people whom you’re representing think.

We need to stop electing politicians and return to electing representatives.


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