You Just Witnessed History

Black, White, Brown, Republican, Democrat….none of that matters. Tonight, we all witnessed history.

First off, congratulations to Senator McCain for a well-fought campaign. Your class throughout the election was refreshing to us all and you will forever be an American hero in this land.

Second, I’m afraid the majority of Americans do not realize the significance of tonight. Tonight, a black man won the Presidency. Think about the impact of that. We aren’t even 50 years removed from racism in our land. From a time when a black man couldn’t use the same restroom as a white man. A time when blacks were treated lower than animals. A time when black parents had to raise their children into a world that hated them. The “Dark Ages” of our nation.

Not only that but go back with me even further. This is a nation that not only discriminated against black people, but used to own them and use them as slaves. I’m not going to jump into the specifics and arguments on slavery, but to turn around less than 200 years later and have a black man running the nation is incredible.

So to Mr. Obama, congratulations. You have a long and difficult road ahead of you. And to Americans everywhere, enjoy this night of history. Whether your candidate won or not, revel in the fact that you were alive to witness and vote in the election that changed the history of America.


5 Responses

  1. strong post. It is crazy to witness this. Hopefully Barack opened the doors so that the next person running for president won’t have to worry about race being an issue. Some people voting for Barack Obama were around when blacks were getting hit with water hoses, and had separate bathrooms. I think the 4th impacted these people the most.

  2. Very nice post Lauren…I like it. And you’re right, it’s amazing where it’s all gotten to when we were a land full of racism just 50 short years ago.

  3. We need to remember that Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Cooledge and I believe also Harrison….all had African American lineage and had black relatives. I don’t want to take anything away from president elect Obama, but having a president with African American lineage has already happened….5 times. This a monumental occasion, but to say that the U.S. presidents have all been staunch white men with no African American lineage is a little too much.

  4. Even though i did not vote for Senator Obama I still am glad that I witnessed something my grand kids will read about in a history book.

    I pray that he will be a good President and hope that he can solve some of the problems facing our great country.

  5. Zach, it’s not about the lineage, but the outward symbol of a black man becoming President not 50 years after it was illegal for them to vote.

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