We’ve Lost the Youth

Whether you’re voting for McCain or Obama, this video has to scare you. As a part of the up and coming generation, I am sad to say my generation is dropping the ball as far as national leadership. Not only do we not care about politics, but we don’t know about politics. Take a look for yourself:


2 Responses

  1. Yep, it IS scary because I’m no genius, yet I managed to leave the public school system and head to college knowing how many states were in the union (even which was the first state, and which two were last), and all the usual stuff.

    What’s even scarier than that, in my opinion, is that people not only do not seem to know the nuts and bolts of how our system is put together, and why it’s that way, but that so many seem to have no concept of what liberty is and why that matters.

  2. I would like to add, though, that the ‘youth’ are just doing what the youth have always done. I don’t think that we’ve lost them…at least not all of them. It’s just that many at that age are just lost themselves … but I’ve got the benefit of looking back twenty years at my late teens and twenties.

    It kind of goes with the territory. Many will wise up, one way or another; many will not. Life has an interesting way of punishing those who are ignorant or irresponsible by choice. Sooner or later, everyone gets a wake-up call. It’s how they respond that makes a difference.

    But I definitely share your concern…parents and schools (thank the fedgov for that!) have really screwed the pooch over the last 20 years in many ways.

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