Meet Steve

After that last post, it could be discouraging to think of the future of America. But not to fear, there are still good young people left in this land. And one of those people is Steve Dogiakos.

I first ran into Steve on Twitter and began following his move toward Montana House District 93. Steve and I really began to talk when the Dodgers (my team) were playing the Cubs (his team) in the NLDS playoffs this year. After those competitive yet friendly exchanges, I took time to really sit down and read his website. I liked what I saw and decided to contact him about an interview. Long story short, he agreed and so here we are. Now I’d like to introduce to you Steve Dogiakos.

Steve lives in Missoula, Montana, and attends the University of Montana, focusing his studies on business management. His favorite music is punk, specifically Irish punk, and he claims his grandmother’s kitchen as his favorite place to eat. In his words, “Best Greek food this side of the Atlantic!”

While Steve is working toward a long-term goal in entrepreneurship, his bid for the Montana House is in direct relation to his belief that not enough young people are involved in politics. In his words, “We need people involved in the government that understand the relevancy of the issues involving the internet, higher education and the economy in the 21st century where America may no longer be the dominant player.”

Steve has a good grasp on what is needed for the people of Montana and has focused his campaign on those issues. The three goals of his efforts are affordable higher education, keeping educated Montanans in Montana, and revitalizing the Montana economy. His focus truly is on the people of Montana.

Steve’s first real action in the area of politics and public service can be traced back to March 2003, when he organized a support the troops rally in the midst of adament war protests. It has been this love for country that has driven him to run for office. Although Steve says politics is not a career for him, he says his one true goal is to serve the people of Montana and be a public servant.

One final thought, when I asked Steve if he could have one job for a week, which one he would want and why, this was his answer: “If I could have any job for a week I’d be a janitor in a mall, simply so I could be a fly on the wall and people watch.” Admittedly, when I asked the question, I was thinking of answers such as the President, Governor of Montana, or such. But Steve’s answer really made me stop and think. Most people would want the power to be in command and push their ideas, but Steve showed that holding public office truly is about the people. Our forefathers established this nation on the belief that the power would lie with the governed, not with the government. And in keeping with that, the people elected public servants to represent them in Washington DC. So many politicians today have lost that ideal. But I’m happy to say at least one hasn’t: Steve Dogiakos.

Steve said it best when he said: “Politically I have no further goal than to serve the people, a true public servant. Politics is not a career for me, just something that I saw as an opportunity/necessity because my generation has no representation in government.”

(You can find Steve on his website, over on Twitter, or you can shoot him an email. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.)


One Response

  1. Sounds like an interesting guy. More people seem to be aware of politics, but the younger generation is still lacking with active participation. We will get there though!

    Interesting choice to be a janitor. I personally would like to be in a position of direct influence, like a principal or teacher.

    Excellent article !

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