Congress Denies Giving Troops Thanks

It is hard to believe how anti-war the United States Congress has become. Just this last week the Senate blocked a vote on a bipartisan resolution that thanks our troops for the “strategic success of the troop surge in Iraq.”

(Photo I took at U.S. military base in Iraq to give our troops
one of the Move America Forward banners we gathered on
our national tour in support of our troops.)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin got together to block the vote. They refuse to say thank you to the men and women of our military who have heroically fought in Iraq and brought us from near defeat to almost certain victory.

Why? How could these Senators be so irresponsible? The Senate Leader, Harry Reid, of course is the one who said the war in Iraq was lost. He was right there along with Barack Obama. At least Obama has come around enough under pressure to admit some success. But, these politicians in Washington refuse to admit they were wrong!

Regardless of who is elected President, we have to change the composition of the House of Representatives and the Senate. We need a Congress that will forcefully support our troops and the war on terrorism.

Taken from a letter from the Move America Forward Freedom PAC.


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