Obama’s “Foreign Policy”

This may be going back in time oh say a month or so but I felt it worthy enough to point out.

When the conflict between Russia and Georgia broke out, both candidates issued statements of how they would resolve the fighting. Of course McCain came out with a strong, no nonsense approach to it, while Obama felt a more passive approach was necessary. Rather than taking charge of it, he said he would allow the U.N. Security Council to handle the matter. Maybe Obama doesn’t know this yet but Russia has veto power over the U.N. Security Council.

Experience does matter.

Read the story here: http://snipurl.com/3n6z1


2 Responses

  1. perhaps that’s because he knew that it was actually Georgia, the American pawn state, that was the real aggressor?

  2. As a Presidential candidate, he should have known that Russia had that veto power. And also as a Presidential candidate, he knows better than to make statements like that if he knows what’s really going on.

    I doubt he did it on purpose. I think it was plain ignorance.

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