Who’s Catering to the Oil Companies?

Obama voted for a 2005 energy bill supported by President Bush that included billions in subsidies for oil and natural gas production. McCain opposed the bill on grounds it included unnecessary tax breaks for the oil industry. Obama voted to strip the legislation of the oil and gas industry tax breaks. When that failed, he voted for the overall measure.

I’m just stating the facts.

Huckabee’s Reaction to Economic Bailout

The following is taken from an email from Governor Mike Huckabee regarding the economic crisis and the proposed bailout bill:

Frankly, I’m disappointed and disgusted with my own Republican party as I watch them attempt to strong-arm a bailout of some of America’s biggest corporations by asking the taxpayers to suck up the staggering results of the hubris, greed, and arrogance of those who sought to make a quick buck by throwing the dice. They lost, but want the rest of us to cover their bets so they won’t be effected in their lavish lifestyles as they figure out how to spend their tens of millions and in some cases, hundreds of millions in bonuses and compensation which was their reward for not only sinking their companies, but basically doing the same to the entire American economy.

It’s especially disconcerting to see the very people who pilloried me during the Presidential campaign for being a “populist” and not “understanding Wall Street” to now line up like thirsty dogs at the Washington, D.C. water dish, otherwise known as Congress, and plead for help. I thought these guys were the smartest people in America! I thought that taxpayers like you and I were similar to the people at the U. N. who have no translator speaking into their headset—that we just needed to trust those that I called the power bunch in the “Wall Street to Washington axis of power.”

The idea of a government bailout in which we’d entrust $700 billion to one man without Congressional oversight or accountability is absurd. My party or not, that is insanity and I believe unconstitutional.

Will there be far-reaching consequences without some intervention? Probably, but we honestly don’t know since we’ve really never seen this level of greed and stupidity all rolled into one massive move. But may I suggest that letting “Uncle Sugar” step in and bail out the billionaires who made the mess will be far worse and will start a long line of companies and individuals who will demand the same of the government—which last time I checked means that they will be demanding it out of YOU and ME. This is not money that Congress is risking from THEIR pockets or future, but ours. Many if not most of us have already experienced lost value on our homes, retirement accounts, and pensions. Now they’d like for us to assume some further risks so they won’t have to.

What happened to the “free market” idea? Is that only our view when we WIN and when we LOSE, we ask the government to come in and take away the pain?

If you are a small business owner, is this the way it works at your place? When you have a bad month, a bad year, or face having to close, can you go up to Congress and get them to write YOU a fat check to take away your risk?

Some of what contributed to this disaster is too much government in the form of Sarbanes/Oxley. Some is due to the tax structure that created the hunger for companies to “game” the system. Some is the common sense that was ignored like loaning money to people who can’t pay it back.

Wall Street has become Las Vegas east, but at least in Vegas, people KNOW they are gambling and they don’t expect the government to cover their losses at the tables. In Wall Street, they do. And the American taxpayer burdens the responsibility.

If Congress wants to do something, here are some suggestions:

1. Eliminate ALL capital gains taxes and taxes on savings and dividends right now. Free up the capital and encourage investment. This is the kind of economic stimulus the Fair Tax would bring and if Congress is going to lose money, let them lose it with lower taxes, not with public dollar bailouts of private market mistakes.

2. Repeal Sarbanes/Oxley. It has failed. It was supposed to prevent this. It didn’t. Kill it.

3. Demand that the executives who steered their ships into the ground be forced to pay back the losses of their companies. Of course, they can’t, so let them work and give back to the government and they can live like the people they put on the streets or kept there. It makes no sense to put them in jail-that’s just more they will cost you and me. I’d rather them go out and earn money-just not get to keep so much of it this time. I’m not talking about limiting CEO salaries—just those of the people who now are up in Washington begging for help because they ruined their companies.

Attempts by Democrats and Republicans to blame each other is nonsense. They are both guilty and ought to own up and admit it. They all lived off big campaign contributions and the swill of the lobbyists who strong armed them into permission to steal. Enough of blame. Fix it!

This would be a start. If we don’t hold these guys responsible, we are all finished.

Congress Denies Giving Troops Thanks

It is hard to believe how anti-war the United States Congress has become. Just this last week the Senate blocked a vote on a bipartisan resolution that thanks our troops for the “strategic success of the troop surge in Iraq.”

(Photo I took at U.S. military base in Iraq to give our troops
one of the Move America Forward banners we gathered on
our national tour in support of our troops.)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin got together to block the vote. They refuse to say thank you to the men and women of our military who have heroically fought in Iraq and brought us from near defeat to almost certain victory.

Why? How could these Senators be so irresponsible? The Senate Leader, Harry Reid, of course is the one who said the war in Iraq was lost. He was right there along with Barack Obama. At least Obama has come around enough under pressure to admit some success. But, these politicians in Washington refuse to admit they were wrong!

Regardless of who is elected President, we have to change the composition of the House of Representatives and the Senate. We need a Congress that will forcefully support our troops and the war on terrorism.

Taken from a letter from the Move America Forward Freedom PAC.

Proposition 8—Legalizing Gay Marriage Will Affect You

Elections are coming. While most people are focused on the Presidential elections, there are still local elections taking place too. Congressmen re-election, propositions and measures, and city laws are all in play. And while who we choose to run our nation is important, just as important are the local measures on the ballot this November.

California has a bill on the ballot called Proposition 8. Prop 8 would define marriage as being between one man and one woman. Previouly voted on and passed 4 years ago, this bill was recently overturned by four state Supreme Court judges as being unconstitutional. The people voted, but apparently these judges thought their opinion mattered more.

So now Prop 8 is back on the ballot to settle this issue. While many people shrug the debate off as not affecting them, consider some of these facts that will happen if Prop 8 doesn’t pass:

Public Schools will teach that homosexuality and same-sex marriage are normal and acceptable—and if you disagree, you are a bigot. Books like “Heather has Two Mommies” or “Daddy’s Wedding” will be used to teach kindergartners about homosexual relationships. When parents in Boston complained about an eighth-grade teacher instructing students about gay sex, the teacher responded, “Give me a break. It’s legal now.”

Churches will be required to perform homosexual marriage ceremonies or face prosecution under anti-discrimination laws. The California Supreme Court recently ruled that medical professionals may not defer treatment to another professional based on their religious objections. In other words, Christians and those with moral beliefs must check their conscience at the door when they arrive at work. The same case law will apply to churches. Pastors will no longer be allowed to refuse marrying homosexuals based on their religious beliefs.

Businesses will be prosecuted for not participating in homosexual ceremonies. A New Mexico photography company is being prosecuted for refusing to photograph the “commitment ceremony” of a homosexual couple. The full force of the government will used to make citizens publicly accept homosexuality.

Married couples will no longer be considered “bride and groom,” but “Party A and Party B.” A young couple in Placer County wrote the terms “bride” and “groom” on their marriage license, which was returned from the state as an “unacceptable alteration.” A husband and wife are legally referred to now as Party A and Party B according to the California government. By redefining marriage, every marriage has already been affected.

The role of parents will be diminished. The family unit is already under assault with no-fault divorce, acceptance of single parenthood, and nanny government usurping the role of fathers. Homosexual marriage worsens this trend by giving government approval to single-sex parenting. Children need both a mother and a father. By approving homosexual marriage, government and society denies children their right and need for both parents.

While legalizing gay marriage may not seem that big of a deal at first, it affects several areas of everyday life. So before you check yes or no this November 4th, take a minute to consider how it could affect you.

Information courtesy of Yes on Prop 8.


Maverick—a lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates.

Sarah Palin is not a maverick. So stop calling her one.

That is all.

The God Game—Where Does Life Begin?

Since when did we start playing God? Have we taken our freedoms so far as to supersede the highest form of authority—God Himself? Whether you believe in God or not, you have to believe in some sort of moral absolutes—stealing, lying, and killing are all wrong. So where do we draw the line? Where does life begin?

According to medical science, a baby’s heart begins beating after 18 days of conception. Also, the baby begins having brain wave activity after only 40 days. So in as little as two and a half weeks, a child begins functioning. Now to contrast that with the opposite end of the spectrum, a person is declared dead medically if one of two things are present—lack of heartbeat (a “flatline”) or a lack of brain wave activity.

So wouldn’t it make sense that if life ends with these things it must begin with them as well? And essentially 100% of all abortions take place after the 7th week of pregnancy, well after the heart has begun to beat.

So even though medical science defines an unborn child as alive, we as Americans trust a court ruling over professionals. And that’s the topic of the next post: Can a court really determine life?

The God Game

The world’s greatest musician. Science’s greatest mind. America’s greatest President.

Know what these three people have in common? Because of the freedoms of America’s citizens, they never existed. They were conceived, but shortly thereafter their lives were ended. Never given the chance to succeed. Never given the chance to accomplish great things, to live out their potential. Never given the right to live.

Abortion. I know it’s a sensitive issue and one that has been publicly debated through the guise of politics. But abortion isn’t a political issue. It’s not an issue of Democrats v Republicans. It’s a moral issue. It’s a matter of where you draw the line in defining conception and murder. And that’s exactly how I’m going to approach it over the next few posts.

I have chosen to start a discussion on the topic of abortion. As you may know I am a conservative Republican and do already have a view on the issue. But I am going to stay objective in my facts and information. Feel free to comment and follow along over the next few posts as I lay out facts, quotes, stories, and my own thoughts.

This is a discussion, so by all means, leave your thoughts and ideas on the subject. But be warned that if you use foul language or visciously attack a person or group of people, your comment will be erased.