Want Lower Gas Prices?

Want lower gas prices? Here’s why you aren’t getting them:

If you haven’t heard of this yet, it’s no surprise. The mainstream media isn’t talking about it. No one’s printing articles defining it. Interviewers aren’t getting the local scoop. Plain and simple, it’s being kept underground.

Last Friday on the House floor the debate over offshore drilling and the American Energy Act was intensifying between Democrats and Repblicans. Then it was over. Well, the Democrats thought it was over. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called for a recess and commenced the House’s 5 week vacation. She turned out the lights, shut down the mics, and escorted the media out. But there was one problem–the Republicans weren’t done debating.

In the words of one Rep. Congressman, “Why should we get 5 weeks of vacation when the average American family can’t take one week because of high gas prices?” So while Pelosi and her people boarded planes and exited Washington, Republican Congressmen and women were fighting. They stayed on the House floor until they were escorted off at 5 pm by Capitol police. But it didn’t end there.

The media wouldn’t run the controversial story so through the use of social media sites such as Twitter and Qik, Congressmen have been letting the American people know what’s really going on.

Even though forced out on Friday, members of Congress canceled flights and vacation plans to be back at work on Monday morning, reciting the pledge and taking the ceremonial opening oath. They are calling for Pelosi to reconvene Congress so they can vote on the American Energy Act, an act that would provide for the drilling for oil off the shores of America, lower gas prices, and reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Offshore drilling has long been a controversial subject between Dems and Rep. The Left stating the negative effects on the environment and the Right showing the benefits for the American people.

While Pelosi enjoys her national book tour, Republican Congressman and women are still fighting for you.

Want to tell Miss Pelosi how you feel? Call her office at 202.225.0100 and ask to leave a message for Speaker Pelosi. Tell her you want her to reconvene Congress for a vote on the American Energy Act.

Also, sign the Call Congress Back petition at www.callbackcongress.com.

This is your country. Let your voice be heard.


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