Can We Ask?

The Republican National Committee recently launched the website This is a site where Americans can text or type in their questions for Senator Obama. While Sen. Obama does not truly read and respond to these questions, this is a place for Americans to air out their thoughts about Sen. Obama and raise some important questions about his campaign. Here are a few of the questions that were asked:

(Anonymous) Sen.Obama:”Could you give us a clue to what you stand for? Thank you………

(Anonymous) You said you would take a pro choice approch because you feel that your daughters should have the option available. Well what is your opinion for keeping the parrents informed in other words should a minor be allowed to get an abortion with our their parents ever knowing about it?

(Robert – Rockville, MD) First let me clearly state that I AM a Democrat and that if you (Sen. Obama) are on the ticket coming November I will vote for Sen. McCain. Now, the question; can you PLEASE tell me why is it that in every single debate you’ve had with Sen. Clinton you seemed to always also take ownership of her ideas when it came to the issues?

So America, what question would you like to ask Sen. Obama? What section of his stance on the issues are you just not quite sure about?

In a post to come, I will lay out my questions for him.


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