Fellow Americans, I Honor You

This post isn’t about whether you support President Bush or not. This isn’t about whether the war is right or not. This isn’t even about when or how we should pull out. This post is about people.

People you know. Your neighbor. Your coworker. The cashier at the store. The guy at the gas station. The lady at the nail salon. The man who mows your lawn. The mechanic who changed your oil. The girl who cooked your hamburger at lunch. The teacher who teaches your children. The dentist who fixes your teeth.

These are all people you know. People you come in contact with each day. They are like you. They are Americans. They face struggles like you do. They enjoy life like you do. They are ordinary people like you and me.

Soldiers. What makes them different than those people you know? Why do we treat our neighbors better than we treat our military? What makes us stoop to pick up a piece of paper for a stranger yet fail to respect the men and women who are risking their lives for our safety? They didn’t ask for this war anymore than we did. They don’t want to be over there anymore than we would want to be.

It blows my mind how little respect we as Americans give our soldiers. They are our fellow Americans. Don’t you realize that they have given their lives so you can live yours however you want? Don’t you realize they face danger so you can live in peace? Don’t you realize all they sacrifice for YOU?

I hope this video helps open your eyes to how well off we have it here in America. We don’t think twice of hitting the snooze button and sleeping in a little; yet so many soldiers go days without sleep, fighting off terrorists so that September 11 will never happen again.

You may recognize the words in this video, but watch until the end. I wish every soldier were treated with the kind of respect and honor they are so due.


2 Responses

  1. Lauren –
    Powerful posting!! Wow. That video is incredible…it nails what it means to be a Soldier. I am heading to Iraq in one week. Glad to know that you support us and defend what we do. God bless you.


  2. […] to be grateful for than I do to complain about. Lauren at Pride of America spoke well to this at https://prideofamerica.wordpress.com/2008/04/11/fellow-americans-i-honor-you/, along with an amazing video. […]

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