Small Town Politics, Big Time Impact

I moved to Lancaster, California, four years ago. At that time I was not as involved in politics as I am now. But early on I met Sherry Marquez. Sherry and I had a common bond in that we both had lived in Florida and were Florida State football fans. That got us talking and one things led to another and the subject of politics came up. Sherry is really the woman behind my political madness. She dragged me to political meetings and small meet-up groups. Through her friendship and influence, I have made politics a large part of my life.

Well, Sherry approached me some time ago with the idea of running for city council here in Lancaster. She has been very involved in attending city council meetings, petitioning unjust laws, and overall just making sure our city officials best represent the people of Lancaster.

She has been very active in the expelling of section 8 residents from our community and in keeping our neighborhoods safe by protesting the housing of ex-cons in Lancaster. She was key in the formation of the Antelope Valley War on Gangs and Crime and she holds a position as a committee member of AVWOGC. She sees the problems in our city and has been actively fighting to restore Lancaster to the city she once was. Now Sherry has decided to run for city council and I couldn’t think of a better person for the job.

Here’s a word from Sherry:

As a community volunteer and citizen crime fighter, I am fed up with the city politicians who have squandered our tax dollars and failed to reduce crime in our neighborhoods. I offer the commitment and conservative values needed to make Lancaster a place we all can be proud of once again. As your representative on the City Council, I will provide honest and independent leadership that holds our government accountable for results.


Reducing Crime-This must be Lancaster’s top priority!

* Increase Sheriff’s Patrols in our neighborhoods and parks;
* Shut down problem rental properties and stop Section 8 housing abuse;
* Strengthen city ordinances to impede illegal immigrants who drain our local programs and penalize employers who hire them.

Fiscal Responsibility:

* Oppose higher taxes on homeowners and local businesses;
* Conduct regular audits to identify waste and economize city spending;
* Cut unnecessary travel, consultant contracts and unnecessary spending by Council Members and staff.

Quality Planning:

* Improve City Planning Standards to promote water conservation and protect our neighborhoods from inappropriate development.
* Increase our tax base by providing more shopping and dining amenities. Therefore, our tax dollars spent for these necessities will remain in Lancaster.
* Support Intelligent Economic Development to create local jobs and reduce commuter traffic.


Public Safety:

I am dedicated to protecting the citizens of Lancaster! I have served as a Committee Chairwoman for the Antelope Valley War on Gangs and Crime, and as the Antelope Valley’s Zone Coordinator for We Tip, Inc.

Community Standards:

For more than a year, I have been working to preserve our neighborhoods as a Public Representative on the General Plan Citizens Advisory Committee.

Military Family:

I am the daughter of a US Navy Chief (Retired). I was a military spouse for 21 years and our son serves as an officer in the US Air Force. I am a former employee of Edward’s AFB.

Church Leader:

I have been a staff member at Lancaster Baptist Church for the past 14 years as a secretary and Women’s Counselor.

To find out more please visit, or email me at

Thank you for your consideration and your vote.

I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Sherry Marquez to you for City Council. I guarantee you she will get the job done.


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