Goodbye My Army Man

I write this post with a heavy heart.

My very close friend Private Caleb Sanderson is leaving this Sunday to go to Georgia for 15 months. Then he is off to Iraq to the frontlines of the fighting. He has been home on leave for the past three weeks and it has been wonderful having him here.

As you all know, I have been a very strong supporter for the war and the work we are doing in the Middle East every since it started. But as I consider him leaving, part of me desires nothing more than this whole war to be over. I now know how family members of soldiers feel.

This does not mean however that I am against the war. As I have told Caleb many times, I am so proud of him for serving our country and putting his life on the line to preserve my freedom! He is my hero. But that doesn’t lessen the pain of him leaving.

So for now, I sit in contemplation while periodically wiping the tears from my eyes. I will miss him greatly. But I understand the need for these brave men and women to fight.

Please keep him and all the other soldiers in your prayers. They need it more than we know.


5 Responses

  1. I will definitely keep Caleb in my prayers! I am so thankful for our brave men and women.

  2. Write to him regularly, and send him a care package once in a while and that is all he would ask…

    We all desire this war to be over. I have spent some significant time in the deserts over there, and I know how terrible the conditions can be. I don’t want our men adn women to be there a second longer than necesary.

    I want all of our troops home now! The difference between right and left is that we appreciate that they can’t come home now because the mission isn’t accomplished.

    None of them want to come home before it is complete…Our prayers for him and for them all….

  3. Rebekah, Thank you for your prayers. I know he appreciates them just as much as I do.

    Robert, I have found myself during free times during the day taking out a scrap piece of paper, anything I could find, and writing him a short note. Some have been longer than others, and some have simply been the date, time, and place with just the words, “I thought about you and prayed for you.” It seems he is ever on my mind.

    I know what you mean. I do desire for him and every other soldier to come home. I would love nothing more than to have them reunited with their families once again! But I do understand the greater cause at this time. And Caleb realizes that as well and is so happy to be helping defend our great nation.

    The soldiers and families of soldiers during the Revolutionary War realized this concept too. Had they not, we would more than likely still be under British rule. It seems as if families in every generation have had to sacrifice loved ones for a greater good, and it is now our turn. We should be thankful technology has advanced and the chances of our soldiers today coming home are greater than in past wars.

    Thank you for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

  4. We too shall pray for Caleb, keep us informed of his whereabouts Lauren. Am glad that Robert from Conservative Commentary has posted here, he has a great blog….

  5. No worries… keep your head up!

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