Huckabee in South Carolina

Last night Governor Huckabee spoke to students, faculty, and guests at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. I have family members who live in Greenville and who were able to attend the event.

The emcee started off the meeting by calling Gov. Huckabee the “conservative in the Presidential race.” He characterized Gov. Huckabee as a man of faithfulness and he spoke on Mrs. Huckabee’s wonderful character.

David Beasley, former Governor of South Carolina, then got up and spoke for two minutes and a congressman from Georgia also spoke. Both men touched on the fact that “the Huckabee’s are the same people publicly as they are privately.”

Congressman Bob Ingles then got up and introduced Gov. Huckabee who came up and played the guitar to kick things off.

Huckabee started of by saying that the cause for his campaign was “people taking back the country.” He also mentioned that currently he is five points ahead in the entire country. Here are some of his quotes and main speaking points of his speech:

“It is not about whether the country is going left or right, but rather up or down and I was this country to go up.”

“I am going to fight for this next generation–I am going to fight for something like that rather than fighting against others running for President.”

“The greatest generation is unborn/not born yet….I want that to be so…I wanted to make this country better for your children, grandchildren.”

“I want to be an ‘elected servant.'”


“We should ‘keep money earned’…through a complete entire overhaul of the tax system.”

“Fifty percent of citizens are dissatisfied with tax.”

“I support the Fair Tax plan–it’s flat, fair, and family-friendly.”

“I want to make April 15th no different than April 14th or 16th!”


“This country’s borders need protection. I am thankful we live in a country that wants people to come here rather than living in a country where I would be fighting to leave. We live in a great country. We need to have order on the borders and seek to protect our country even more…There is a big problem when there is more security at the Greenville/Spartanburg Airport rather than on our borders.”

“Our country needs to have an obedience to the law and a respect for the police. I want to have a country where people greet police when they see them.”


“Generals are to run the war…not politicians.”

“Radical Islamists are after us and they hate us and they are not just going to go away.”


“We are funding both sides of the war on terror. When you put your credit card in at the pump, you are paying the terrorist.”

“Ten years from now, I would like to see us completely self sufficient as a country and providing for our vehicles.”

“Then we can tell the terrorists, we need your oil as much as we need your sand! And you can keep both.”


“80% of U.S. jobs are small business. I want a country where people are willing and able to start their own business if they desire to do so.”


“Our Founding Fathers were correct. Everybody is created equal!”

“Life is precious and life begins at conception…The U.S. rises and falls on how we treat one another…We need to value life!”

This is just a brief overview of Governor Huckabee’s speech last night. The auditorium was packed with nearly 1,100 people on a warm South Carolina night (one Furman University student actually passed out).

Overall it was a good meeting for Mike Huckabee and one that left an impression on all who were in attendance.

Thank Sen. Byrd and Sen. Brownback for their Patriotism

Last spring, many Americans were shocked to discover that the new $1 Presidential coins no longer included “In God We Trust” on their face. Instead, the phrase had been moved to the rim of the coin, where it was unnoticeable and virtually unreadable. Then, because of a mint “mistake,” countless dollar coins were minted that didn’t have “In God We Trust” on the rim, either.

Atheists celebrated the development, but millions of Americans were not amused. Legislation was introduced by Senators Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Robert Byrd (D-WV) to return “In God We Trust” to its historic place on the face of the coin. That legislation has passed both houses of Congress, and President Bush is expected to sign it into law. Congratulations! The people spoke, and it made a difference.

Take a minute right now to thank Sen. Byrd and Sen. Brownback for their stand. Go here and write them a thank you note, telling them you appreciate their patriotism and efforts to keep our National Motto on our coins.

New Huckabee Ad in Michigan

She Makes Me Sick

I don’t want someone running my country who can’t handle stress and pressure and has to complain about how she can’t exercise or eat right. Aren’t there more important things to talk about? Like the war? Or the economy?

Either she cracked, or more than likely, this latest ordeal was an attempt to appeal to the masses through sympathy. That was low Hillary, really low.

If You Win…They Will Come

A few days ago the Iowa caucuses were held and the Republican winner was Mike Huckabee. I was pleased to hear this as I am a big Mike Huckabee supporter because I believe he will be the one that can best lead our nation.

Mike HUckabee

But today, in reading news articles about the win, I came across this story. The title is: “US ‘Doomed’ if Creationist President Elected.” The article goes on to say how America will be hurt by a President who “doubts evolution.”

“‘The logic that convinces us that evolution is a fact is the same logic we use to say smoking is hazardous to your health or we have serious energy policy issues because of global warming,’ University of Michigan professor Gilbert Omenn told reporters at the launch of a book on evolution by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).”

Really? Have we gone that far in our political bashing and mud-throwing? And as a side note, evolution is not a scientific fact. Neither is creation. A scientific fact must be proven by the scientific method which includes observing the event. Since none of us were present when the world began, I do not believe we should be calling either one a scientific truth but rather what it is: a belief. In saying that, it makes more sense to me to believe that a Divine Being created something rather than believing that the intricate work of this world and the preciseness of the universe was happened about by a bang or by some process of evolution. And personally, I refute the idea of being related to a primate. I’m sorry, I don’t like being called an animal. But that’s just me.

Back to the story though, since when has a President’s beliefs about the process of creation affected the world’s climate or oil supply? Maybe you can explain the parallels of that to me. It just seems random and off the wall. It seems to me that now that Governor Huckabee is in the media and news more often, attacks on him are becoming more frequent and quite frankly, more bizarre.

Why don’t we stop attacking someone’s beliefs or personal life and focus on their character or policies? I think George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan, to name a few, were some of our finest Presidents and they believed in creationism. I don’t remember hearing how their beliefs negatively affected our planet or the sea life. If anything, they helped build America up and make her what she is today.

It just goes to show that if you win a caucus or are in the media’s eyes, the attacks will come.