Merry Christmas American Soldier

I just finished talking to a friend of mine whose husband is over in Iraq right now. He left about a month ago with a group deployed to the heart of the fighting. This month has been a tough month for her as these will be her first holidays away from her husband.

Here are some of her words to me about where her husband is:

“He told me that he can hear bombs outside the FOB (Field Operating Base) all the time and at least one vehicle gets hit by one of the roadside bombs each day.  They haven’t had any casualties yet but he says it’s just a matter of time.  He said the other day they were all watching two terrorists planting a IED (Improvised Explosive Device) on the road and they let them finish and then sent a helicopter in and blew them all up…”

These soldiers don’t have time to stop and celebrate the festivities this season. There will be no turkey dinner, only rations; no Christmas tree, only a barren desert; no stockings by the fireplace, only sweaty fatigues; no Christmas carols, only exploding bombs.

So as you take time to be with your family this Christmas season, take time to say a prayer for those men and women who are fighting so you can sit in peace and celebrate. Don’t let the festivities of December 25 cause you to forget about the true heroes of our land–the soldiers fighting overseas.

God bless you soldiers.


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