Thank You?

In a news story released by Foxnews comes one of the saddest stories I have heard recently. They report that a commercial, created by a non-profit organization to thank our troops for their sacrifice, will not be airing on NBC. NBC claims it will not air the commercial because the organization’s website is on the last shot of the commercial.

Here’s one commercial. And the other one.

I watched those and personally see nothing wrong with them. In fact, I thought they were heart-warming and very appropriate. I mean, after all, how often do we get to thank the men and women who are sacrificing so we can sit here in our warm homes and enjoy this holiday season.

The fact that NBC pulled these commercials just blows my mind. There was nothing inappropriate, extreme, or even political about it. It was simply a thank-you to our troops. This just shows me how leftist NBC is.

If you would like to see these commercials air, visit Freedoms Watch’s website and sign their petition.

After all, don’t those brave men and women deserve our thanks this Christmas?


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  1. No nothing wrong with them…This just shows me how leftist NBC is. And MSM generally…

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