As the story of  Bob Jones University’s support of Mitt Romney spreads, it doesn’t seem as if this thing could get any more complicated. But it has. In a news story by CNN, it is reported that BJU sent private invitations to select staff, students, and alumni to attend a meeting with Governor Romney.

While there, questions of the war, taxes, and national security were answered. Only once did religion come up. Then Mr. Romney stated that he and Dr. Bob Jones III had had several meetings and had agreed that religion wasn’t the main issue in this election. In Romney’s words: “Dr Bob told me I was wrong, and I said, fine.”

But the real shocker was when Dr. Robert Taylor, dean of the college’s arts and sciences, went to the podium to introduce Mr. Romney. He gave a short speech about how most evangelicals were afraid to endorse Mr. Romney because of his faith and religious views. He encouraged the students and alumni to step out and stand up for Mr. Romney. He said that if others see them taking a stand, they will stand up and support him as well.

So in essence, we have gone from Dr. Bob simply stating that he endorsed Gov. Romney, to one of the deans of the college pushing Mr. Romney’s campaign and encouraging others to support him as well. What’s next? Campaign fundraisers held on the campus of BJU? Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

On a side note, Dr. Stephen Jones, current president of the college, has put out this statement:

Bob Jones University has never officially endorsed political candidates and that policy has not changed. In endorsing Gov. Mitt Romney for president, Dr. Bob Jones III and Bob Taylor are speaking personally. As private citizens, we all have the privilege and responsibility to examine the options and come to a choice of conscience. It is in this role that these administrators have chosen to endorse Gov. Romney. Dr. Jones III’s and Dr. Taylor’s statements reflect their views as private citizens and not the view of Bob Jones University as an organization.

Way to go Stephen. That was a really smart move.


2 Responses

  1. That was indeed good clarification from Dr Jones. The views of one should not be seen as the views of the institution.

  2. Lauren it’s almost that time, I am making the rounds to say Happy Thanksgiving!

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