So is it Obama or Osama?

During a speech recently, Presidential candidate Mitt Romeny “accidentally” mistook Barack Obama with Osama bin Laden. In speaking about the new tape Osama bin Laden had released, Mr. Romney spoke of Mr. Obama’s call to radical jihadists to come together in Iraq.

While I have made it clear on this blog that I do not support Mr. Romney, I will give him credit for having the guts to point out Mr. Obama’s Muslim ties. Don’t think he has any ties with the Muslims? Let’s examine the facts:

1) He was born to a father who had strong ties with the radical Muslims of the Middle East. (Yes, his father left soon after his birth, but he was still there.)

2) He was schooled in the Middle East in the same school that has produced many of the radical Islamists that have declared war against the Western World.

Now I’m sure you could make the case that this all proves he accepts the Islamic religion but does not prove his ties with radical Islam. This is true. But then again, we never thought anything about a group of men training at flight school in Florida until they crashed into the Trade Towers.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating being suspicious of anyone and everyone who has ever believed the Koran or who is in flight school. That’s not my point. All I’m saying is we should take extra care and caution in electing a President who has a background like some of the terrorists.

Do I think Barack Obama is a plant by the Muslims to gain access into our country and to corrupt her? I’m not saying yes and I’m not saying no. All I know is that the terrorists have vowed to corrupt America from the inside out.


7 Responses

  1. You should make it easier on yourself and say that you don’t trust Muslims. The cognitive dissonance must be killing you.

  2. Jamelle,

    Thanks for the comment! As a clarification, I’m not saying that I don’t trust Muslims. All I’m saying is that in choosing a person to lead our country we should take extra care in who we choose (especially after the radical Islamists have sworn to corrupt our country from the inside).

    That’s all I’m trying to say.

  3. That’s fair, but the tone of your post suggests that you are wary of Muslims at best.

    Saying that, there are a few factual errors; it was Keith Ellison – a practicing Muslim and congressman from Minnesota – who asked to swear in on a Koran.

    Madrassa is just a term meaning “Islamic school,” or something similar to a seminary; there isn’t a uniform ideology for madrassas.

    His father was Kenyan and there’s nothing to suggest that he was a “radical Muslim.”

    I worded my comment the way I did precisely because of these gross errors.

  4. Jamelle,

    Thank you for the clarification. Fair enough, I now remember that it was in fact Mr. Ellison who did that and not Mr. Obama. I will change that.

    As for his father, all I have ever read on him suggests he was in close relation with the radical Muslims. Maybe you could give me an article that suggests otherwise? Email me here: prideofamerica dot blog [at] gmail dot com. Thanks! And believe me, there are no hard feelings. 🙂

  5. In any event, is it intrinsically wrong to be wary of Muslims?

    Wary; nothing more, nothing less!

  6. Hehe, I’m glad there are no hard feelings; that first comment was a little harsh.

  7. Agreed. But no worries, I encourage and rather enjoy intelligent debate. 🙂

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