Most Likely to Succeed

In an interview today, Dr. Bob Jones III (chancellor of Bob Jones University, a Christian university) told Fox news that he is supporting Mitt Romney in the Presidential race. This may not seem out of the ordinary to the common man, but let me give you a brief rundown of religion here.

A) Mitt Romney is a Mormon. His beliefs and core values are set upon the revelations of a prophet named Joseph Smith.

B) Bob Jones III is a Christian. His beliefs and core values are set upon the Bible and upon the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

These two do not believe the same thing and are headed in different directions religiously. While some may see them both as religious men, having the same mindset, these two could not be more opposite in their beliefs.

So what? What does this matter and who really cares? Well, this further proves my point about the Republican party losing its brand (This seems to be a recurring theme). A man (Dr. Jones) who does not believe the same as a candidate (Mr. Romney) votes for him simply to prevent another candidate (who he believes will win the election if preventative measures are not taken) from winning the election.

This is all too common in our party. We fear the election of a Democrat so we muddy our standards and neglect our beliefs and put our money, support, and backing toward a liberal Republican or someone we believe will get elected. Whatever happened to simply voting for the candidate with whom you agreed?

Now, I do realize the strategy and thinking behind picking the lesser of two evils, but I believe if we would all vote for the candidate with whom we truly associated ourself, some not-as-popular candidates who actually better represent our Republican party would have more support.

In the end, I am going to be happy with whom I vote for. I will not choose a candidate simply because I think they have the possibility to get elected. I will vote for who best represents my own beliefs and opinions. I will choose the candidate who I believe will help our country the best, not the one who is “most likely to succeed.”


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  1. FYI: Mormons are Christian. They believe in the Bible and in the atoning sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They revere many prophets of God, not just one.

  2. Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. Interesting point you bring up. Now I am in no way an expert on the Mormon religion, nor do I claim to be. All I was trying to say is that these men do not have the same beliefs and religious direction (as I’m sure they would tell you themselves).

    That aside, the main point of this article was to stimulate the reader into thinking what all could be accomplished if we voted for the candidate who best represented our own personal beliefs and our own political party’s core values. Far too often I have heard and seen people vote for someone they are not totally happy with when there was another candidate with whom they agreed more.

  3. Jennifer….Mormons are not Christians. You made two very good points…they believe in the resurrection of Christ and also the Bible, but (and there is always a but) they do not believe in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross which saves man from their sin. They also add to the Bible. Big problem with adding to the Bible as we have clear caution from Scripture not to take away or add to the Words of God.
    Good point Lauren….we are losing our Republican Label. This country was founded on Christian principles and a fear for God and a love for our country. I want a leader who fears Jehovah God and loves God and knows God personally.

  4. Certainly politics makes one think about what really matters to them, but what I got out of the Bob Jones endorsement is that he believes Mitt is the best candidate for moving the conservative cause forward. Bob Jones said religion isn’t the issue here (and I know Bob Jones has a big issue with mormons). He gave examples of strong character, strong family, etc. I do not believe he was just saying vote for Mitt as our only chance. All the quotes from Bob Jones leads me to believe he thinks Mitt Romney is the best candidate for president. Just as each person needs to decide who they think will be the best candidate.

  5. As far as the mormons and christian thing, my understanding is that the term “christians” came as a title hundreds of years after Christ was on the earth defining a group that currently makes up the catholics, evangelicals, protestants, etc. Mormon beliefs do not match up with the beliefs of those religions, thus theoretically not “christians” per the title given to those groups. Mormons do believe in the atonement of Jesus Christ, so thus the mormon desire to be called a christian. It is all word play. They both believe in Christ, but mormons do not fall under the umbrella of all the “christian” religions as they did not break off of catholicism like the other “christians” did. In a nutshell, they are christians in theory, but not in title. The religions that broke off of catholicism hold that title for themselves.

  6. “These two do not believe the same thing and are headed in different directions religiously.”
    This is true, but politically they are headed in exactly the same direction. Whom do you think Bob Jones should endorse: A Southern Baptist Sunday School teacher (Jimmy Carter) or a Mormon Bishop (Romney)? Of course he should endorse Romney! Just because they have different religious beliefs does not mean they do not share the same political goals and ideals.
    “Whatever happened to simply voting for the candidate with whom you agreed?”
    If you look at the issues that is exactly what Bob Jones is doing.
    By your logic no Christian Republican could ever vote for a pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-military anti-big government Jew.
    As a Mormon I would never even consider voting for Romney simply because he shares my faith. I will vote for him because he shares my ideals.
    As for the Mormons are not Christian thing. You all need to get over it. Mormons believe in the atoning blood of Jesus Christ and strive to live by His teachings. If that does not qualify as Christian then I don’t know what does

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