Even Now…Never Forget

Today is not September 11th. It’s not July 4th. Or even a day of patriotic preeminence. But even now, never forget.

Never forget those who gave all. Never forget those who responded immediately. Never forget those who were on the scene. Never forget that day of horror.

Never forget the reason for this war. Never forget our fight against terror. Never forget our quest to preserve freedom. Never forget.

Never forget those on the front lines. Never forget those who are in constant danger. Never forget those preserving our freedoms. Never forget those brave souls.

Never forget the importance of this election. Never forget the future of America. Never forget your responsibility as an American citizen. Never forget our great nation.

If we would all take time to remember, we will never forget our place in this world–as a beacon of liberty, freedom, and hope in this world. So please, even now, never forget.


One Response

  1. Very moving, how can we ever forget?

    Thanks for sharing .. . a great post …

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