We Know What To Do…We’re Marines!

As I have said before, I have many friends who are personally fighting for this country right now. Well last week I talked to a buddy of mine who is currently training in Oklahoma. He informed me that he ships out to the Middle East in 54 days. Wow. That was a shock.

Today, I text my other buddy who arrived in Virginia a month ago to finish up his training. He told me that they are doing anti-terrorism training right now. He said it’s pretty intense.

In talking with these two guys, I noticed a common attitude: determination. There is no fear. I asked my first buddy who’s leaving soon if he was afraid and he said, “Afraid? No. This is what we train for. This is what we live for. This is why I signed up.” I was a little taken aback. I sure would be scared! But there was such a sense of determination in his voice that you couldn’t help but feel confident a well.

I also asked my other friend today if he was scared. He wrote back and said “No. We know what to do…we’re Marines!” My heart swelled with pride and I told him that we were sure thankful for their sacrifice and commitment.

Did I mention that both these guys are 20? Some would look at them and scoff at their commitment and “waste” of life, but I look at them with pride. It is no waste to give your life for others. They are going out there so my kids will be able to live in freedom. They are giving up their dreams and goals so I can live in my home in peace. They are enduring all that for you and me. It’s time they got the credit they deserve.


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  1. You right! The last line is important, “It’s time they got the credit they deserve”. Problem is, with all the calls for an early Iraqi withdrawal the sacrifice these young men (and woman) are making, (not to mention the ultimate sacrifice made by so many to date), is being drowned in the to and fro’s of political discussion in the U.S. I see the New York Times has now declared that its time to leave Iraq as well. America made a promise and there is much yet to do for its fullfillment…See “let the surge run its course” at http://americasinterests.blogspot.com/

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