Happy Birthday!

Well today is your birthday America. You are 231 years old. You have gone from a handful of pilgrims with a hope of freedom to a great nation who influences the world. Those first pilgrims left their homes, their friends, their jobs, and their security in search of freedom. They risked death, destruction, and the unknown to find a land where they could live in peace and freedom. And here they found it. They founded a nation so deeply rooted in freedom and liberty that when that freedom was threatened, the loyal citizens of this land stood up to the world’s largest power–England. Freedom is what brought a nation together to sign the Declaration of Independence 231 years ago. It is what this land stands for.

There have been many hardships, battles, and transitions that you have been through over the years, but through it all, you have stood strong–a beacon to the world. You have not backed down when faced with tyranny. You have not given up when faced with impossible odds. You have not stepped back when attacked. You have fought with bravery, stood up with boldness, and preserved the great truths this land was founded on.

So America, today I salute you. You have done what no other nation has ever done. You have founded a land on freedom, liberty, and peace and have maintained that stand for over 200 years. May your greatness never end.


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