Starting Small

Well I was sitting down to have dinner when I received a text message from a friend. All it said was: “Get the number for the police.” Naturally, my curiosity was piqued. I quickly got him the number to the Sheriff’s Station and asked what the problem was.

Minutes went by with no reply. As I waited, thoughts of robbery, breaking and entering, and murder entered my mind. Then he called. And he was ticked.

He told me how he was at a local market and how he had seen two guys engaging in a drug deal in the parking lot. Like a good citizen, he got the license plate number and called the police. Evidently, he was in the neighboring town (mere minutes away) and the number I had given him was of my town. When the dispatcher picked up the phone to take his call, he relayed the information and his location. She then told him to call the next town’s police station and hung up.

I was shocked. She did not transfer him, give him the number, or even take the report and call them herself. (Remember these towns are side-by-side…not more than 3 minutes apart). Instead, she hung up and left a good citizen frustrated and swearing to never try to do right again.

Does this not make you mad? Someone tries to do right, for once, and they get no help from the authorities. We may all speak about building a greater nation and bringing America back to where she once was, but if we aren’t willing to start small, it’s not gonna get done.

America, don’t frustrate your citizens for they are the people that will either uplift or tear down this great land. I only wish every citizen would stand up for what’s right and actively battle crime. But they won’t if the police aren’t going to stand alongside them to help!

Come on America, we gotta start small!


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