Timing is Everything, I Guess

This will be short, but all I want to say is this:

Get in the Presidential race Newt Gingrich!

That’s been on my mind lately. It’d make my day if Newt ran. Heaven knows I’d vote for him!

Well, I’ll probably post more tomorrow night. I’ve got a Republican party committee meeting to attend tomorrow night. A lady I know is running for city council and she has appointed me as her right-hand man in her campaign. (Me? Involved in politics? Go figure why she’d pick me 🙂 )

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be all fired up after our meeting. So I’ll post more then. (I’d hate to be a Democrat and cross my path after tomorrow night 🙂 )


2 Responses

  1. The committee meeting sounds exciting. Hope you post an entry about how it went. Also, if there are any speeches perhaps you can post them too.

  2. Yeah it was exciting Otto. Our speaker was great! I will write a post on it tomorrow. I walked away from that meeting tonight with a good view of the Republican party and of the work that needs to be done to bring us back to the original beliefs of our party. But like I said, another day, another post.

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