Thank You So Much

As I said in my last post, we went to the Capitol Building today. We had a tour with a Capitol Bldg police officer. He was very nice-officer Atkins. What normally takes about an hour took us about 4 hours. But we got to go into the Senate Chamber and the House of Representatives Chamber and do a lot of other neat stuff. We even saw Senator Elizabeth Dole (wife of Bob Dole)! She is a nice little lady.

But the highlight of the day was what happened as we were inside the Rotunda. We all had to clear out the middle so a group of Iraqi War Veterans could come through. There I saw men with legs missing, wheeling their wheelchairs through with their young children sitting on their laps. I couldn’t help but silently cry. It touched my heart to know that these men were like that so that I could live in a free nation.

So thank you, soldier. Thank you for all you’ve done. I owe so much to you.


2 Responses

  1. It would of been somewhat disturbing to see those returned soldiers, they made an incredible sacrifice which some folk simply do not comprehend.
    Sounds like you enjoyed your stay and sure was handy to know an events coordinator at the White House!

  2. It was sobering knowing that they were there because of me-to preserve my freedom. My heart hurt for them.

    Yes, I did enjoy myself. And I even saw a group of Aussies! But sorry, I didn’t ask them where they were from 🙂

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