Update From DC

I wrote this same post on my other blog, but thought I post it here for you guys to read too.

Today was great. We hit most all of the monuments (Washington, Lincoln, WW2, WW1, Vietnam), the old post office, the Ronald Reagan International Building for Commerce and Free Trade, and many other places. We walked all over downtown. We walked in front of the White House and got some good pictures.

The highlight of the day was at the WW2 memorial. There I met 3 WW2 veterans. One man was in a wheelchair with his wife and daughters. Another was a feisty little Irish man who had fought in the Pacific theater. The other man was a man who had fought in northern Africa with his twin brother. He showed me pictures of him and his brother with a leopard and a bear. It was really neat. As I talked with each of them, I thanked them for all they had done to make our nation great. Tears came to my eyes as I was given the opportunity to thank a few of the men who made our country great. Overall it was a very good day.

Well Mr. Bodyguard has come through again. When we all got home, Mrs Bodyguard called us to tell us that her husband had gotten us a private tour of the Capitol Building, something that not just everyone gets anymore after 9/11. So my mom, sister, Mrs Bodyguard, her sons, and I will be on our way the Capitol Building at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I will update you more tomorrow. God Bless.


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