Hello, Mr. President

As most of you know, my mom, sister, and I are in Washington DC for vacation this week. Yesterday we went to Gunston Hall, home of George Mason (author of the Bill of Rights). Today we went to Mount Vernon, home of George Washington. That was neat.

Tomorrow we are going to downtown DC. My mom is friends with a lady whose husband is a bodyguard for President Bush. She and her two sons are coming with us tomorrow. We’re gonna hopefully get in a few museums and some other stuff. Her husband is going to try to get us tickets for the Capitol Building. That will be cool.

But the big news is what we are doing this Saturday. My mom has another friend (she is a very friendly person 🙂 ) whose husband is the events coordinator for the White House. He is getting us into the White House afterhours on Saturday for a private viewing. Wow. As you can tell, I am stoked!

This is the ultimate American patriot’s dream. Being in the heart of our country and seeing what makes her great. I can’t wait to view the monuments, to honor the fallen, to relive my country’s past. I will proudly honor my country by remembering those who have made her great.

God bless this sacred land!


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