Restoring the Brand

Well as most of you know, I attended a local Republican Committee Meeting last Monday night. It was a small gathering of the board of the Antelope Valley Republican Assembly, a few guests, the press, and the guest speaker. The guest speaker was Mike Spence, president of the California Republican Assembly. He spoke of restoring the brand of the Republican party.

Many years ago, people heard the name Republican and thought of people for a smaller government, fewer taxes, and a strong defense program. But now, people are confused by liberal Republicans and conflicting views within our party.

When people voted for President Reagan, they knew what he stood for and they respected his views. Now not everyone loved him, but you knew what you were getting when you voted for him. Now we have people within our own party who sound more like Democrats than Republicans! A recent poll indicated that when asked which party was for tax increases, most people said the Republicans! Folks, that is not true! We have mixed the waters so much that when you say you’re a Republican, no one truly knows your stand anymore!

The only way to save face in our country is to restore our brand as Republicans. We must get back to the basics of our party-back to a smaller government, fewer taxes, fewer social programs, a strong military defense, punishment for illegal immigration, and so on. We must reestablish our name as Republicans.

This will take a while, but we must start now. And let me just add that it isn’t going to start with wish-washy candidates like John McCain and Rudy Guiliani. We must have candidates who say, “Yes I am a Republican and here’s what I believe and why.”

Only then will we be able to restore the brand of the Republican party and take a step in helping restore the brand of our country.

It’s Coming….

I know I said in my last post that I would update after my Republican Committee Meeting…and I will. But I must apologize because my internet has been having problems connecting (I am at a friends house right now).

So for now, pardon the silence.

Timing is Everything, I Guess

This will be short, but all I want to say is this:

Get in the Presidential race Newt Gingrich!

That’s been on my mind lately. It’d make my day if Newt ran. Heaven knows I’d vote for him!

Well, I’ll probably post more tomorrow night. I’ve got a Republican party committee meeting to attend tomorrow night. A lady I know is running for city council and she has appointed me as her right-hand man in her campaign. (Me? Involved in politics? Go figure why she’d pick me 🙂 )

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be all fired up after our meeting. So I’ll post more then. (I’d hate to be a Democrat and cross my path after tomorrow night 🙂 )

Thank You So Much

As I said in my last post, we went to the Capitol Building today. We had a tour with a Capitol Bldg police officer. He was very nice-officer Atkins. What normally takes about an hour took us about 4 hours. But we got to go into the Senate Chamber and the House of Representatives Chamber and do a lot of other neat stuff. We even saw Senator Elizabeth Dole (wife of Bob Dole)! She is a nice little lady.

But the highlight of the day was what happened as we were inside the Rotunda. We all had to clear out the middle so a group of Iraqi War Veterans could come through. There I saw men with legs missing, wheeling their wheelchairs through with their young children sitting on their laps. I couldn’t help but silently cry. It touched my heart to know that these men were like that so that I could live in a free nation.

So thank you, soldier. Thank you for all you’ve done. I owe so much to you.

Update From DC

I wrote this same post on my other blog, but thought I post it here for you guys to read too.

Today was great. We hit most all of the monuments (Washington, Lincoln, WW2, WW1, Vietnam), the old post office, the Ronald Reagan International Building for Commerce and Free Trade, and many other places. We walked all over downtown. We walked in front of the White House and got some good pictures.

The highlight of the day was at the WW2 memorial. There I met 3 WW2 veterans. One man was in a wheelchair with his wife and daughters. Another was a feisty little Irish man who had fought in the Pacific theater. The other man was a man who had fought in northern Africa with his twin brother. He showed me pictures of him and his brother with a leopard and a bear. It was really neat. As I talked with each of them, I thanked them for all they had done to make our nation great. Tears came to my eyes as I was given the opportunity to thank a few of the men who made our country great. Overall it was a very good day.

Well Mr. Bodyguard has come through again. When we all got home, Mrs Bodyguard called us to tell us that her husband had gotten us a private tour of the Capitol Building, something that not just everyone gets anymore after 9/11. So my mom, sister, Mrs Bodyguard, her sons, and I will be on our way the Capitol Building at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I will update you more tomorrow. God Bless.

Hello, Mr. President

As most of you know, my mom, sister, and I are in Washington DC for vacation this week. Yesterday we went to Gunston Hall, home of George Mason (author of the Bill of Rights). Today we went to Mount Vernon, home of George Washington. That was neat.

Tomorrow we are going to downtown DC. My mom is friends with a lady whose husband is a bodyguard for President Bush. She and her two sons are coming with us tomorrow. We’re gonna hopefully get in a few museums and some other stuff. Her husband is going to try to get us tickets for the Capitol Building. That will be cool.

But the big news is what we are doing this Saturday. My mom has another friend (she is a very friendly person 🙂 ) whose husband is the events coordinator for the White House. He is getting us into the White House afterhours on Saturday for a private viewing. Wow. As you can tell, I am stoked!

This is the ultimate American patriot’s dream. Being in the heart of our country and seeing what makes her great. I can’t wait to view the monuments, to honor the fallen, to relive my country’s past. I will proudly honor my country by remembering those who have made her great.

God bless this sacred land!