Band of Brothers

In continuance and clarification of my last post, I wanted to write a new one. Now, no worries, I still support President Bush and am behind him 100% on this war thing. I just want to clarify my point in that last post.

I have heard a lot of response about the President’s spending, decisions, etc. I agree that our economy, national spending, and political system does have some problems (whose doesn’t?) but the point I was trying to make wasn’t that we should all be thrilled with and approve of everything our President does. He is just a man. I am saying though that we should all stand behind Bush in regards to the war.

When our nation has stood behind her President, whether his decisions were right or wrong, we have seen a country that could not be defeated. The Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the first and second World Wars; all these wars were fought by soldiers who had an entire nation standing behind them. But then came the era of “free thinking” and “doing your own thing” and we saw a change, not only in our nation’s people, but also in her defense. We saw wars like the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and now the war in Iraq. Do we want this war in Iraq to end up like these other wars?

Then I suggest we forget about our own agenda and plans, and we stand behind Bush and concentrate on winning this war and getting our boys home. Don’t think I’m insensitive about this whole thing; I have good friends who are over there and some who are on their way over there.

All I’m saying is that the enemy is sometimes more aware of our political strengths and weaknesses than we are. Believe me, they are watching our political system, elections, and government. They watch each debate and rejoice when we fight amongst ourselves. They are counting on us being divided over the war and simply pulling out. They know that is their only hope for defeating us. We must not let that happen.

I know its tough being in a war, but we must band together on this. That is the only way we are going to defeat the enemy.


2 Responses

  1. Yoo make some valid points which are not easily dismissed.

    The U.S. seems to be divided on this in a way that has not occured in many years. The budget allocation for troops should be passed, but on conditions that a strong diplomatic effort designed to achieve a regional solution to all the problems of the Middle East with the full support of the President and Congress begin at once.

    The extra funds will at least provide for a process to begin which must include stronger diplomatic efforts.

    Nobody should expect quick results as long lasting solutions will take years. Ultimately the talking must begin even though it is between enemies.

    At the height of the cold war the U.S. and Soviet Union were enemies on a grand scale but did not deter Eisenhower from establishing dialogue with Khrushchev, this deed probably saved us from nuclear war.


  2. I agree. We must look for a long-term solution. But how do you talk to terrorists? How do you reason with people who will blow themselves up to take one American life? It is a difficult task indeed.

    That is the trouble we had in the Pacific theater of WW2. In the European theater, the war was fought as “gentlemen”. The medics and corpsmen were allowed to run onto the battlefield without threat of injury. So, in turn, the medics helped save American and German lives alike.

    But in the Pacific theater, the Japanese taught their soldiers to yell “Corpsman!” thus signifying their need of assistance. The young soldier boys ran out there to help, only to be met by a bayonet in the chest. We had to rethink our method and strategy of this war after we encountered these atrocities.

    All I’m saying, is maybe we should rethink our strategy and methods of war. After all, we’ve never had to fight a more hidden, yet extremely deadly enemy.

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