I Support President Bush!

…and why I think you should too. I know not everyone (even some of my friends) support Bush, but I was struck by what Senator Sam Brownback said during the debate on Tuesday night. When the topic of the war in Iraq and a timeline for troop withdrawal came up, he said this:

We will win if we can pull together–and we can win the war. It’s difficult for a democracy, particularly in the United States, for us to win with one party for the war and one party against the war.”

Simply stated, Sen. Brownback is saying that we must all band together against the common enemy and put our energy into defeating terrorism. Whether you like President Bush or even agree with how he’s handled things is not the issue. The issue is American lives and the future generations of America. We must all come together, stand behind President Bush, and support his efforts to keep America safe. He is doing the best he can. What would you do in his position? Exactly.

Do you want your children to grow up in safety or in fear of a terrorist attack? It’s more real than you want to believe. As Senator McCain said:

“If we fail in Iraq we will see Iraq become a center for Al Qaeda, chaos, genocide in the region and they will follow us home.”

Don’t believe him? What happened in Korea after we didn’t completely purge the Communists? Oh that’s right, they came back, took over North Korea, set up their government, and are now a threat to us! Yeah, it could and will happen again if we do not take care of this now.

Your children and grandchildren will be the ones suffering for your mistakes. Think of that before you vote in 2008.

So instead of bashing the President, why don’t you just try backing him for a change. As former President Lincoln once said, “A house divided cannot stand.” It is in America’s best interest that we stand behind our President and stand against our enemy.


6 Responses

  1. I support the president in most issues, but I don’t like how he has handled this war. As I said before, he needs to listen to our military and their advise. When they tell him we need 40,000 troops for the surge to take care of what needs to be taken care of then that is what the president should be doing. If he’s going to do it all the way, then do it; don’t try to appease one side by cutting the number in half and sending out 20,000 soldiers instead of the full amount that the military says to do. Our generals know more about fighting a war than anyone else yet the president isn’t truly listening to him because it’s still all about politics. I’m all about standing against terrorists and I wish we would go in there full force like back in WWII and finish this thing up, but sadly to say we are fighting a political war mainly and it’s hurting the country.
    I’m just saying if he’s going to keep the war up than he needs to go all the way and that means listening fully and completely to our military!!

  2. Grace, I agree that Pres. Bush has at times tried to be more of a politician than a President. And I see where you’re coming from. But do give him credit, he did just sign a bill to put more troops into action. Granted, the bill is long overdue, but at least we are moving forward. And many times I have thought about WW2 during this all. The camaraderie, the entire nation working together to defeat a common enemy, the President and the military leaders working together. I guess that was what this post had alot to do with–getting back to that spirit, the spirit that made America great. The spirit that helped us defeat the largest world power in 1776, the spirit that helped us overtake two world powers during WW2 (Germany and Japan) and the spirit that has set America apart as a world power herself. If we all had that same spirit, I have no doubt we could easily, and quickly, defeat this new enemy.

  3. I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a draft yet, or anything along those lines. It almost seems if we continue to do what we’re doing, we’re going to be over there forever. Literally.
    I support him in various ways, for sure. I just wish he’d either speed up the war process and “get it over with.” (No pun intended) Hopefully you know what I mean…

  4. Yeah, that’s what the troop surge is for. The more troops we have over there, the faster the war will go. Like I said, he may not have always made the best decisions, but he’s trying. And I support him.

  5. I especially like your point on North Korea. Every time we’ve pulled out of a war prematurely it has negatively affected the country we were trying to help. I believe President Bush is doing his best to learn from history. His detractors want to forget it.

  6. I wanted to reply to your post but found it getting too long. Instead I created a new post at my blog entitled Iraq (ii).

    I too support Bush, but I have some reservations about aspects of his Governing.

    See my Iraq (ii) post at http://americasinterests.blogspot.com/.

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