Stand for What You Believe!

Last night the University of South Carolina held the Republican Presidential Candidate debate. Now, I didn’t plan on watching it, but I found myself flipping back and forth between the show I was watching and the debate. What I saw upset me. I saw one candidate say how strongly he felt against abortion, but then say that he would support a woman’s right to choose. I then saw another candidate say how much he supports the right to bear arms, but then it was mentioned that he passed a gun-restriction law in the state where he is governor.

How did this help us at all? I don’t like these debates. All it is, is a forum for everyone to amplify and glorify each others faults. So what do we do? Today we tell America how bad the next guy is, then when he gets elected to run for our party, we expect America to forget everything we just said about him. We then build him up as if he is the best guy out there. We as Americans may be ignorant, but we aren’t stupid. Do you really think that’s gonna help get him elected? Isn’t that like shooting ourselves in the foot?

Now, I haven’t come to the conclusion on who to vote for yet, but I will tell you this. It won’t be because I heard some guy in a debate tell me what’s wrong with everyone else and why he’s the best. I’m going to search out the facts for myself. Like I said before, when we as Americans make major decisions, like in electing a President, in our state of ignorance, our nation will cease to be the great power she is today.


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