World Dominant?

I believe we as Americans take the progress of other nations far too lightly. It is true that no one is near to overtaking the US but we shouldn’t close our eyes to the rest of the world. Many American citizens do not know of the military advances of other countries. Even when North Korea boasted its missiles and weapons, the average citizen shrugged it off and said, “Who cares. We can take them.”

Well, the days of American dominance are coming to an end. Not that I want them to or are even looking forward to that. But with things going as they are, our reign will be over soon. Soon could be anywhere from 10 years to 50 years, but make no mistake, it is coming. Whether through war or political failure, one day we will no longer be the dominant nation we are today.

We have begun to see changes in our land that can only lead to this fall. With the elections coming up and talk of either the first woman President or a Muslim Arabic President, who knows what will lie in our future. With promises from both sides to pull our troops out of Iraq, we can only expect another 9/11. The terrorists weren’t satisfied with the 1993 bombings and they won’t be satisfied this time until they completely annihilate the United States and break her. That is their whole goal–to make America fall. That is why they indoctrinate children at a young age to hate America and to talk of killing President Bush. I’ve seen the videos. It’s not pretty.

So what can we do? I believe we as Americans are stuck in the cycle of ignorance. We don’t know what’s going on around the world and we don’t care.  We know that whenever something goes on that affects us, the news will tell us. The news is not always truth. The news is filled with biases and prejudices. Instead of trusting the news, go look up the information and story for yourself. Go to the internet and find three or four sources to confirm the story. Get the whole story. When we start trusting our local news to tell us of China’s economical advances is when we lose our advantage and voting power. If we don’t know that North Korea is building a million-man army and stocking their arsenal of weapons, then why not vote to cut back our armed forces?

As Americans, we have the duty to find out what’s going on and know all the facts before making decisions, like in voting. As the elections are getting closer, take time to go find out what each candidates position is on each issue. If we all find out the facts before making the decisions, maybe we can help keep America the economic and political power she is today.


2 Responses

  1. An insightful comment. American citizens should begin taking a more active interest in international affairs that affect their nation. There is more to the world than Cable TV, Hollywood productions and Wal-Mart specials.

  2. I agree and that’s the point I was trying to make by this post. We Americans may be free, but that doesn’t mean we will always be. We must take our heads out of the ground and wake up to the world around us.

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