Band of Brothers

In continuance and clarification of my last post, I wanted to write a new one. Now, no worries, I still support President Bush and am behind him 100% on this war thing. I just want to clarify my point in that last post.

I have heard a lot of response about the President’s spending, decisions, etc. I agree that our economy, national spending, and political system does have some problems (whose doesn’t?) but the point I was trying to make wasn’t that we should all be thrilled with and approve of everything our President does. He is just a man. I am saying though that we should all stand behind Bush in regards to the war.

When our nation has stood behind her President, whether his decisions were right or wrong, we have seen a country that could not be defeated. The Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the first and second World Wars; all these wars were fought by soldiers who had an entire nation standing behind them. But then came the era of “free thinking” and “doing your own thing” and we saw a change, not only in our nation’s people, but also in her defense. We saw wars like the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and now the war in Iraq. Do we want this war in Iraq to end up like these other wars?

Then I suggest we forget about our own agenda and plans, and we stand behind Bush and concentrate on winning this war and getting our boys home. Don’t think I’m insensitive about this whole thing; I have good friends who are over there and some who are on their way over there.

All I’m saying is that the enemy is sometimes more aware of our political strengths and weaknesses than we are. Believe me, they are watching our political system, elections, and government. They watch each debate and rejoice when we fight amongst ourselves. They are counting on us being divided over the war and simply pulling out. They know that is their only hope for defeating us. We must not let that happen.

I know its tough being in a war, but we must band together on this. That is the only way we are going to defeat the enemy.

I Support President Bush!

…and why I think you should too. I know not everyone (even some of my friends) support Bush, but I was struck by what Senator Sam Brownback said during the debate on Tuesday night. When the topic of the war in Iraq and a timeline for troop withdrawal came up, he said this:

We will win if we can pull together–and we can win the war. It’s difficult for a democracy, particularly in the United States, for us to win with one party for the war and one party against the war.”

Simply stated, Sen. Brownback is saying that we must all band together against the common enemy and put our energy into defeating terrorism. Whether you like President Bush or even agree with how he’s handled things is not the issue. The issue is American lives and the future generations of America. We must all come together, stand behind President Bush, and support his efforts to keep America safe. He is doing the best he can. What would you do in his position? Exactly.

Do you want your children to grow up in safety or in fear of a terrorist attack? It’s more real than you want to believe. As Senator McCain said:

“If we fail in Iraq we will see Iraq become a center for Al Qaeda, chaos, genocide in the region and they will follow us home.”

Don’t believe him? What happened in Korea after we didn’t completely purge the Communists? Oh that’s right, they came back, took over North Korea, set up their government, and are now a threat to us! Yeah, it could and will happen again if we do not take care of this now.

Your children and grandchildren will be the ones suffering for your mistakes. Think of that before you vote in 2008.

So instead of bashing the President, why don’t you just try backing him for a change. As former President Lincoln once said, “A house divided cannot stand.” It is in America’s best interest that we stand behind our President and stand against our enemy.

Stand for What You Believe!

Last night the University of South Carolina held the Republican Presidential Candidate debate. Now, I didn’t plan on watching it, but I found myself flipping back and forth between the show I was watching and the debate. What I saw upset me. I saw one candidate say how strongly he felt against abortion, but then say that he would support a woman’s right to choose. I then saw another candidate say how much he supports the right to bear arms, but then it was mentioned that he passed a gun-restriction law in the state where he is governor.

How did this help us at all? I don’t like these debates. All it is, is a forum for everyone to amplify and glorify each others faults. So what do we do? Today we tell America how bad the next guy is, then when he gets elected to run for our party, we expect America to forget everything we just said about him. We then build him up as if he is the best guy out there. We as Americans may be ignorant, but we aren’t stupid. Do you really think that’s gonna help get him elected? Isn’t that like shooting ourselves in the foot?

Now, I haven’t come to the conclusion on who to vote for yet, but I will tell you this. It won’t be because I heard some guy in a debate tell me what’s wrong with everyone else and why he’s the best. I’m going to search out the facts for myself. Like I said before, when we as Americans make major decisions, like in electing a President, in our state of ignorance, our nation will cease to be the great power she is today.

Quote of the Day

As I was listening to the radio yesterday they had a report about the Iraq war on. I usually just turn the news off right there cause they are so biased anyway, but I decided to listen. They were interviewing some Senator (sorry, I didn’t catch a name) about what he thought of a time-table for troop withdrawal. This is what he said:

“To withdraw troops now would only forfeit America’s safety.”

That is so true. For if we leave without tying up the loose ends, they will most certainly come and attack us again. It happened in 93.

I’m glad we have at least ONE Senator who recognizes the grave danger of this situation.

Could the End of Blair Spell Trouble for US?

Whenever the leader of a key country in the world steps down, there will always be unrest. With Tony Blair stepping down as Prime Minister of England, this is no different. While England has been a great ally to the US, who knows what will happen with the new leader. Mr. Blair has been in office for ten years now and his resignation has come as a shock to some.

The heir apparent is Gordon Brown and he has already begun making promises to his countrymen. One of the most controversial decisions during Blair’s reign was his decision to back the US and invade Iraq and Afghanistan. While the British people have not taken this very well, UK troops are still over there fighting. But with Brown coming into office (so it would seem), will that change? Will America be left fighting this battle alone? (I realize we do have the support of other countries, but the exit of the UK would be a big hurter.)

So who knows what will happen. We can only hope for the best.

World Dominant?

I believe we as Americans take the progress of other nations far too lightly. It is true that no one is near to overtaking the US but we shouldn’t close our eyes to the rest of the world. Many American citizens do not know of the military advances of other countries. Even when North Korea boasted its missiles and weapons, the average citizen shrugged it off and said, “Who cares. We can take them.”

Well, the days of American dominance are coming to an end. Not that I want them to or are even looking forward to that. But with things going as they are, our reign will be over soon. Soon could be anywhere from 10 years to 50 years, but make no mistake, it is coming. Whether through war or political failure, one day we will no longer be the dominant nation we are today.

We have begun to see changes in our land that can only lead to this fall. With the elections coming up and talk of either the first woman President or a Muslim Arabic President, who knows what will lie in our future. With promises from both sides to pull our troops out of Iraq, we can only expect another 9/11. The terrorists weren’t satisfied with the 1993 bombings and they won’t be satisfied this time until they completely annihilate the United States and break her. That is their whole goal–to make America fall. That is why they indoctrinate children at a young age to hate America and to talk of killing President Bush. I’ve seen the videos. It’s not pretty.

So what can we do? I believe we as Americans are stuck in the cycle of ignorance. We don’t know what’s going on around the world and we don’t care.  We know that whenever something goes on that affects us, the news will tell us. The news is not always truth. The news is filled with biases and prejudices. Instead of trusting the news, go look up the information and story for yourself. Go to the internet and find three or four sources to confirm the story. Get the whole story. When we start trusting our local news to tell us of China’s economical advances is when we lose our advantage and voting power. If we don’t know that North Korea is building a million-man army and stocking their arsenal of weapons, then why not vote to cut back our armed forces?

As Americans, we have the duty to find out what’s going on and know all the facts before making decisions, like in voting. As the elections are getting closer, take time to go find out what each candidates position is on each issue. If we all find out the facts before making the decisions, maybe we can help keep America the economic and political power she is today.