Flags of our Fathers-Part 2

As I said in my last post about Flags of our Fathers, I found this great story in the book so I thought I’d post about it. It reads:

And at his last stop on the island, at the high seawall the Marines had to surmount to get onto Tarawa, Howlin’ Mad (a Marine leader) saw an example of Marine valor. Sherrod wrote that the party saw “a Marine who is leaning in death against the seawall, one arm still supported upright by the weight of his body. On top of the seawall, just beyond his upraised hand, lies a blue-and-white flag, a beach marker to tell succeeding waves where to land. Says Holland Smith, ‘How can men like that ever be defeated? This Marine’s duty was to plant that flag on top of the seawall. He did his duty, though it cost him his life. Semper fidelis meant more to him than just a catchphrase.'”

What a great story of a patriot’s sacrifice for our country. May we never forget all that those men and women of generations gone by have done so we may sit here today in freedom. I am so thankful for people like this man who was not concerned with the “cruelties of war” or of “simply bringing peace.” I’m glad he stood up and said, “I love America enough to die for her! I will do my duty no matter the cost!” Oh for more men and women who will stand in the ranks of such patriots and heroes. We are not worthy of such sacrifice! God bless America!


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