Two New Books

Well, as I mentioned on my personal blog, my family and I came to Santa Barbara for a few days. We drove up past Santa Barbara to a town called Solvang. Its an old German/Dutch town with a bunch of little cultural shops and stuff. It was really neat.

Well, of course as we were driving down “Main Street” I spotted the little shop with a wooden sign that simply said “books”. That was all I needed to make my day. After we parked, I dashed off to the little bookstore.

While their History section wasn’t that big, they did have some books I had never seen. I took my time browsing their history and biographies sections. There were some pretty good books, but I picked up two that I thought looked interesting.

The first one is entitled
“Washington’s Spies: The Untold Story of America’s First Spy Ring” by Alexander Rose. Sounds cool.

The second one is entitled “The Spies Who Never Were: The True Story of the Nazi Spies Who Were Actually Allied Double Agents” by Hervie Haufler (WW2 vet). I’m not recommending these books just yet. I haven’t read them, but after I do, I’ll give my full report and approval or disapproval.

Now I know both books are about spies, but that wasn’t on purpose. Even the clerk who rang up the books asked me if I was training with the CIA. (He guessed my secret so I had to knock him off.)

Yeah, that was an accident, but they definitely sound interesting. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the quotes from Flags of our Fathers. They’re still to come. Until then, God bless the USA!


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