Flags of Our Fathers

This Christmas I spent numerous hours in several bookstores across the country. On my way to Tennessee for the holiday, I stopped in many airports. One was Cincinnati. That was the nicest airport I’ve been in. It was very clean and not crowded at all. But the best part was the Borders bookstore they had in the airport. I had a three hour layover and found myself hurrying to my gate ten minutes before we were to leave. I spent the entire time there. But that was only one of the several “book” stops on my trip.

Between Borders, Barnes and Noble, and other smaller bookstores, I managed to grow my home library by nearly 20 books! And of course, they were all history books. I actually had to expand my library to another wall of my room and I now have my own “History” section.

I picked up a wide array of books from a biography on Princess Diana, to three historical fiction books about the Civil War, to a book detailing the struggles of the people inside the Twin Towers on 9/11, to a biography about a CIA spy, etc. I plan on writing book reports of all these books on here over the course of the next year, but I have just started my reading.

The one book I picked up that I chose to read first was Flags of our Fathers by James Bradley. Yes, I know it is a movie but I would rather read the book first. I love the fact that it was written by the son of one of the flagraisers. It gives it that extra insight no one else could have.

So far the book is amazingly great. It is well-written and is detailed in its follow of the lives of each flagraiser. I am just barely scratching the surface of the book but am greatly pleased so far! As a writer it is hard for me to read a book that is not well-layed out or well-written. But this book has been easy to follow and is very interesting.

I found two paragraphs I liked last night. Two paragraphs that summed up the American mentality at that time in our country. In my next post I will post those comments and will be commenting on them. I think you will find them patriotic, loyal, courageous, and truly American. Until then, God bless the USA.


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